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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Status: Employed

Weee... I'm employed! No more boredom! No more vexations! No more nua-ing! No more <insert anything which you think is appropriate to describe my previous jobless state>!

I hate it when my dad used to nag me to find a job. It's not that I don't wanna find one. It's just that I don't even know which job to look for! Last week, I was pathetically dragged to my cousin's office, albeit in the midst of my fever, to unofficially work for her for one whole day. I thought that would be my job for the ensuing 5 to 6 months. After a couple of days, I was told that there was no vacancy for me in her company. The moment I heard this, I was so freakin' depressed glad! Could you believe that? I was actually filled with delight simply because I became jobless again! Nonono... I was just celebrating my narrow escape from that tedious job! Imagine you were to sit in front of the PC doing all those data entries for 7 hours plus, non-stop! It's so boring, man! I can't imagine I were to do the same damn thing 6 days a week for the subsequent months. Just give me a break, please! I need to inhale some fresh air. :breathe hastily:

Then it was another week of nua-ing in my lonesome cage. I was repeating the same old routine again. Play. Eat. Sleep; Play. Eat. Sleep; Play. Eat. Sleep. =.= This went on for several days, until I received an unexpected SMS from my friend, SH, one fine night:

SH: Wei, u got job bui?
Me: Not yet. Why? Got ho liao job 4 me?
SH: Bo ho liao e job la. Work 2gether wif me la. Kumon Centre.

Bla bla bla...

Maybe you guys have heard about it for years, since it's so famous internationally. But I swear I knew nothing about it before this. I bet lotsa us in Alor Star might not even hear about it. Yeah right... We're really a bunch of katak di bawah tempurung (so damn malu to admit this fact). =.=

The next day, I received her SMS, telling me that the instructor was interested to employ me as an English-language tutor there. I was hesitant for a moment, yet I definitely wouldn't wanna miss this golden opportunity. I've never taught students before, so why not give it a try? In fact, I'm sure that this job is gonna be way better than the data-entry job, which I personally abhor. Moreover, I'm more passionate about teaching than doing clerical work. Hence I gave her a positive reply, and was later asked to prepare for an interview on the very next day. Oh boy... Ain't I nervous? Kinda... And I was exhilarated to know that someone was willing to employ me! :)

So what was the result? Hohoho... I'm employed! Woohoo! :smug face: The interview went on smoothly that afternoon. Thank goodness! I was even asked to commence my tutoring on the next day. My wages are calculated on an hour basis: RM 5 per hour, which is considered good in the low cost town I'm living in. I'm pretty satisfied with the pay (me not avaricious :P). What's more, I only work for 4 days a week, and that means I will have ample time for other activities when I'm off! Ain't it splendid? Yes, it is!

I've been teaching there for 2 days now, and the experience has been great. Some of my friends are there, and there's one more to come in a few weeks. Dealing with kids is an amazing yet tactful erudition. I admit I'm inept at this, but I'm learning to handle it. Teaching is fun, to be frank. I really look forward to another tutoring day as being alone at home is getting me suffocated. Fresh air! Fresh air! :P

My desk!


may said...

hey, big CONGRATULATIONS to YOU on getting that job!!

I know of another blogger whose daughter goes for kumon classes. I wonder if it's at the same place? PJ somewhere... can't remember... lol!

kyh said...

Hohoho... Thank you, thank you! :)

Definitely not the same place... I'm in Alor Star, not PJ! It's in the North LOL... :P

Sin Ling said...

Congratulation to you, get your first salary then treat me... :) work hard and good luck

kyh said...

Ooh thanks a lot!

How to treat you leh? :scratch head: Ah... I know! You buy plane tickets for me to your place and I'll treat you a grand feast. I nowan Air Asia one lor! I want first class some more! Deal? :P

Ah Boy said...

congrats congrats
all the best:)
next time if ah boy go visiting, u can belanja ah boy makan hoh?

pssss.. ah boy just tagged u leh..

kyh said...

10q, 10q!

Wah... Ah Boy wants me belanja makan ah? But I don't know much about dog food one leh... ALPO? Pedigree? Haha... I think I'll get you 1 month's supply completely free! :P

Oh... You've tagged me? I'll check on that later... :)

Cat said...

hey! glad to hear u finally got a job! hope u continue to enjoy it like how u do now.. very hard to find such enthusiastic teachers nowadays.. add oil! =)

kyh said...

Hehe... But it's damn boring when there are no students coming! I get pissed off at times when those kids are not paying any attention at all... But I'll try my very best to hold my patience. That's what I call professionalism. :P

Chen said...

congrats :)

Teaching is fun ah?
I dun like teaching..
not my cuppa tea, but no choice..
have to teach medical students :P

sophisticatedsoul said...

I've never gone into teaching before coz I'm never good at it. Anyway, good luck with your new-found past time. Heh.

kyh said...

chen: Haha... It has to depend on what subject you're teaching, who your students are, and also the working environment. These are some of the important factors that should be taken into consideration when you're thinking of venturing on teaching. And last but not least, you need the passion! Don't ever involve yourself in teaching just for the sake of $$$. :P

sophisticatedsoul: You're not good at it? Hmm... Based on your excellent academic results, you should consider giving it a try. Not as a permanent occupation lah, of course! :)

day-dreamer said...

Congrats, congrats!

Ya ya, Kumon, they rejected me when I was jobless after SPM because they were looking for candidates with at least STPM.

So, belanja me ya, when you get your pay... :D

kyh said...

Hmm... I'll belanja you if only you pay me a visit here in AS! Hehehe...