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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pasto Italiano

On Sunday, I revisited Penang with my cousins. No... I ain't gonna stay overnight here like last time since I got to work on the next day. For the whole afternoon, we found our shelter from the scorching heat at the gigantic ~

We were back again! ^-^

And did I mention that it was lunch time now? As we found our way through the mall, we bumped into an elegant restaurant specializing in Italian and Thai fusion cuisine. Upon seeing this, our stomachs started growling. Without further hesitation, we stepped inside.

Yeah right... What was a self-proclaimed vegetarian doing here? Of course to dine lah... Duh! =.= But since I was the odd one out, I got to conform to them. And as expected, the options were very limited for me to choose from. I was obliged to read the menu descriptions meticulously, not just browsing through it like I always did. On top of that, I had to order one that was completely meatless. Arghhh... Very frustrating!

Waiting patiently to be served

After several minutes, the foods we ordered had arrived. First to come was the spaghetti in green curry. Yes, you heard it right... Spaghetti in green curry! Have you guys tried this fancy dish before? Next, it was the classic pasta Carbonara. And nope, they were not mine. =.= I was told that the spaghetti was very spicy and delicious. What da... I love spicy foods! Don't tempt me please... :sob:


My order (which I shared with one cousin) took freakin' long to serve. It made sense though, since it needed to be baked till golden brown. I was kinda impatient right now. Just then, we noticed a waiter was heading towards our table with the order. Yeah... Finally! :get my cutlery ready:

The classic Italian dish

Wouldn't you wanna take a bite? :P

You know what... It was the best pizza I'd ever tasted so far. Unlike Pizza Hut's thick pizza dough that would make you instantly bloated as if you're eating bread, this one was surprisingly thin, very much like the authentic pizza in Italy. The toppings were very simple --- primarily melted cheese and basil leaves. Yet, it tasted tonnes better than those pizzas with ludicrous amount of toppings out there. Trust me. It tasted real good!

And that's supposedly the highlight of my trip to Penang. I might be going there once again on this coming weekend. So watch out Penangites! :P

A lot of bloggers have been blogging about food lately. Now do let me jump on the bandwagon to join 'em. I hope it's not too late for me to do so! :)


may said...

these fusion eateries are popping up everywhere. sometimes they do good stuff, other times it's better to stay away. spaghetti with green curry, eh? I think the Black Canyon Coffee place downstairs of my office serves something similar... but never tried, I think I'll stick to Aglio Olio style, heheh.

day-dreamer said...

Wah... yummy yummy!

Spaghetti in green curry is nice, I tried it before at Black Canyon Coffee.

kyh said...

may: Maybe you should give it a try. They said it's nice! No harm trying, right? :)

day-dreamer: Haha... Seems like I won't get to taste it for the rest of my life, until someone who's considerate towards me comes out with a vegetarian version. Worse still, I'll make it myself! Just that I don't know the recipe. =.=

Wennnn said...

Wei toudai I ask U to cook sumthin lor not to bring sumthin from the restaurant kitchen la... Okie okie the spaghetti look very inviting... Hmmm okie mebbe I shud try some too...

kyh said...

This is such an old post! LOL!

Want some too? ;)