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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Home-made Goodness I

My brunch today --- a made-in-Italy home-sweet-home fusili in mushroom sauce with lotsa garnishings. What more can I say? It's simply fantastico! :)


day-dreamer said...

Wah... you can cook?

Or one of your family members cooked it for you and you are only in-charged of eating??

kyh said...

Haha... I'm all for the latter. :P

But I did all those garnishings ok! Nice job huh... ^-^

mistipurple said...

food again ah here. cannot escape wor.

kyh said...

"Food food here. Food food there. Here food. There food. Everywhere food food..."

It's the trend of the season! There's no way you can escape it! :P

Sin Ling said...

kyh - look so delicious and tasty, can i test it? a little bit ok? food of heaven... :D

kyh said...

Oh sure you can have it! But it's been digested in my stomach lol... Yet no worries. You still can have a lick at the photo up there! :P