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Monday, January 08, 2007

Get your facts right, MALAYSIA!

We know MALAYSIANS simply love attention --- for all the wrong reasons.

That's why we invented the slogan Malaysia Boleh! and spread it far and wide for goodness sake. That's why we built the Petronas Twin Towers in the national capital although we're still part of the developing Third World. That's why we do all sorts of ridiculous achievements, like flying the longest national flag on the Great Wall of China, displaying the biggest national flag made out of eggshells, painting the longest national flag mural, hanging the biggest national flag from a building's façade, baking the largest cake featuring the national flag etc, to portray to the world how patriotic we are, besides vying hard to break a national or even world record to gratify our worthless vanity and lust for fame and pride. That's why...

And that's not all! We even cooked the biggest pot of porridge, soup, dodol; made the biggest mooncake, chocolate cake, and even the longest popiah. Wow... We Malaysians are definitely boleh! See how we cheered and how jubilant we were on the newspapers. See how proud and complacent we were about our achievements. That's us, MALAYSIANS! Whether you like it or not, you're bound to see all these meaningless craps springing up every now and then to claim a brand new national record for an entry into the Malaysian Book of Records (apparently the Malaysian Book of Craps), which can only be found in the colourful tropical paradise called MALAYSIA!

Well, that's not what I'm trying to tell today. So enuff of it! =.=

Actually, I'm trying to tell you guys some proven facts that our dear Government has cheated us since God knows when. They're not only involving us locals, but also foreigners --- the tourists that come all the way to visit our lovely country each year!

Now open your eyes wide and read:

Fact #1:
You say: Mt Kinabalu is the tallest peak in Malaysia and the whole of Southeast Asia.

WRONG! Mt Kinabalu (4,095 m) is the tallest peak in Malaysia and on the island of Borneo, but definitely not in Southeast Asia.

Shocked? Don't have to. Our Government constantly boasts to the world that the nation's tallest peak is also Southeast Asia's highest, ain't it? (I read about it today again!) Either they're fools or they do it in purpose in order to boost local tourism. So blame them for the wrong fact!

The tallest peak in Southeast Asia is Myanmar's Hkakabo Razi, standing tall above the rest at 5,881 m -- and that's 1.8 km taller than ours. (P/S: Even my Childcraft Picture Atlas that my mum bought for me 14-15 years ago also stated this fact clearly.)

So does that mean Mt Kinabalu ranks 2nd then?

Nah! Indonesia's Puncak Jaya is still taller than Mt Kinabalu. With an elevation of 4,884 m, it's also the highest island peak in the world.

Fact #2:
You say: The Strait of Malacca is the longest strait in the world.

WRONG! All right... Perhaps this fact is less significant than that of Mt Kinabalu, thus I guess the majority of you might not even know about it. Yet, it's true that our Government claims it to be the world's longest, and they had even gone to put up a huge sign on its shore next to Malacca's newly consecrated Straits Mosque to boast about the fact.

The world's longest strait is the Strait of Tartary of Russia. It is 900 km long, which is obviously the winner compared to Strait of Malacca's 805 km. This record can be found in the Guinness Book of Records 1997, thus it's a proven fact.

Fact #3:
Y'all say: Our Government just loves to boast what's not! =.=

BRAVO! Y'all got it right this time! Kudos to all you guys out there! :applause:

And... the moral of the story is:
Never fully trust any of the Government's boasts in the future. Do your own studies and researches rather than depending on the Government to feed you all the facts and statistics. Who knows you might come to realize the Government is trying to make another false boast one day!

Needless (and embarrassing) to say, their so-called facts have now become the jokes in the eyes of the international community. We Malaysians have proven ourselves very boleh once again! :shake head:


may said...

hmmm, time for us -- Malaysians collectively, including the Govt to take those dark shades off our eyes and unblock the view of reality, eh?

kyh said...

Definitely! We wouldn't want to live in constant lies, would we?

Anonymous said...

Our dear Malaysia-boleh government is so misleading us! (if what you said is true)

By the way, I don't cheer because we have the biggest pot of porridge, soup, dodol; made the biggest mooncake, chocolate cake, and even the longest popiah. I think it's a waste of time, energy and resources.

And oh yeah~ one more thing I'd like to add... National Service is a waste of taxpayers' money. Scrap it!

kyh said...

Of course what I said is true! If you don't believe me, you can go ask around. Or you can also go read about news regarding them. I swear with my own life!

I also do not cheer for those records. I think they're just plain stupid and childish. Those foreign tourists would definitely laugh at us! It's such a big shame for doing all these craps and yet be so proud of them. I couldn't see what's so great about these records.

National Service? I have no comment. They said it is fun. But I thank God I wasn't chosen. Phew!

Chen said...

still giggle at the biggest dodol, biggest mooncake etc etc etc :)

kyh said...

Hahaha... They're definitely worth a giggle. These are probably the biggest jokes of the year. :P

khengsiong said...

Puncak Jaya is in Irian Jaya, which is not always considered part of South-east Asia. Geologically, the islands to the east of Bali are part of Oceania.
Anyway, the peak in Myanmar is taller.

kyh said...

Yet when we talk about Indonesia, we do consider the whole country as part of the realm of Southeast Asia, right?

khengsiong said...

Perhaps you are right. But the Dutch ruled Irian Jaya until 1976. Perhaps Malaysians started boasting about Mt. Kinabalu (incorrectly) as the tallest peak in South-east Asia before 1976, and never bothered to make correction.

Fortunately, we know that Petronas Twin Towers is no longer the tallest building in the world.

kyh said...

I think that's not the excuse for Malaysia to claim Mt Kinabalu as Southeast Asia's tallest peak, since Myanmar's Hkakabo Razi has always been the tallest. Don't tell me that Myanmar was not considered a part of Southeast Asia before 1976?

We Malaysians really love to boast, and that's the fact. Now we take pride in our Twin Towers being the world's tallest twin towers pula after losing our world title to Taipei 101. Malaysians! =.=

zewt said...

hahahahaha... wahhh... you not scared ah... later the big boss take you to jail under ISA then you know... haha!

anyway, i wanted to blog about KK being the 3rd peak long ago. having said that, there are arguments that say myanmar is not exactly a SEA country. no matter what, indonesia certainly is.

yes, trust is a big issue here. i have also stopped reading newspaper... it's all a bunch of crap.

kyh said...

Haha... There's absolutely no valid reason for them to incarcerate me, since these are all internationally recognized facts. Are they gonna deny these too? Then I'm sorry to say, they're sure to lose this battle.

While some might not agree with the ASEAN membership of Myanmar due to the incarceration of Aung San Suu Kyi by the military government, it is still widely considered as an integral part of Southeast Asia.