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Thursday, January 25, 2007


What a milestone for my tiMes JoUrNaL since its launch in the blogosphere on November 7th, 2005! Though it might not be something that you would cheer on, but for a rather unprolific blogger like me, it's quite an achievement and it certainly does bear some significance to me. This blog has been a wonderful place for me to rant and express my thoughts, as well as to jot down some amusing happenings around me. All my memories, no matter sweet or sour, would be locked securely here for all eternity, unless Blogger has decided not to serve the blogosphere any longer. Most important of all, I've made some new friends! Though we've never met (hopefully one day we will), at least we know that we all share a common interest --- blogging! And because of you bloggers and blogders, my readership has increased by leaps and bounds from the pathetic nil on its nativity to what it is now today. I shall take this opportunity to extend my greatest gratitude to all my supporters out there. Thank you and thank you! :)


Winn said...

wait wait are u a guy?
u wil have a good hse husband if not housewife....haha

kyh said...

Haha... I'm a... GUY! :P

Oh wait... Are you referring to the food? To be frank, I was not the cook. :P

But be rest assured, I'll definitely make a good husband. :)

P/S: I have a strong feeling that you commented on the wrong post! Oops...

day-dreamer said...

Congrats on the 100th post!

Btw, I can't help noticing. You posted 100 posts in a year only? Hehe.

kyh said...

I did mentioned that I'm a rather unprolific blogger, didn't I? I know you're very geng lah, reaching 400 posts within 2 years' time! Haha... If I can reach 200 before my blog's 2nd anniversary, I'm already proud of myself. :P

may said...

big congratulations, and keep it up! yippee!

kyh said...

Thank you so much! I'm very touched! :wipe off my tears:

day-dreamer said...

I didn't say I am geng la... I write more crap, ok?

I forgot to say this on my previous comment: LOL at Winn's comment.

~kyh is a girl! kyh is a girl!

kyh said...

DD siao liao! DD siao liao! :P

Chen said...

congrats, congrats..
hope u can reach my milestones too..
600++ post in one year plus time :P
u can do it ;)

Lol at Winn's comment & DD's comment too

kyh said...


You are so kia si lang leh! 600+ posts in one year plus?! Gosh... I'm sooo speechless!

Me? 600+ posts in one year plus? Haha... I think you have to wait till 2010 or maybe sooner to see that achievement. :P