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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Home-made Goodness II

1. spaghetti 2. fusili 3. kiam cai th'ng (咸菜汤) 4. fried tofu

Another day of home-made Italian cuisine. This time, the spaghetti and fusili were drenched in juicy scarlet tomato pasta sauce. Oh yeah... Not to forget the traditional Chinese dishes which I love so much --- kiam cai th'ng (pickled lettuce soup aka 咸菜汤) and fried tofu. The latter tastes heaven when you dip it in chilli sauce! I think it's more apt for me to call it an East-West fusion meal. :)


What a milestone for my tiMes JoUrNaL since its launch in the blogosphere on November 7th, 2005! Though it might not be something that you would cheer on, but for a rather unprolific blogger like me, it's quite an achievement and it certainly does bear some significance to me. This blog has been a wonderful place for me to rant and express my thoughts, as well as to jot down some amusing happenings around me. All my memories, no matter sweet or sour, would be locked securely here for all eternity, unless Blogger has decided not to serve the blogosphere any longer. Most important of all, I've made some new friends! Though we've never met (hopefully one day we will), at least we know that we all share a common interest --- blogging! And because of you bloggers and blogders, my readership has increased by leaps and bounds from the pathetic nil on its nativity to what it is now today. I shall take this opportunity to extend my greatest gratitude to all my supporters out there. Thank you and thank you! :)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Home-made Goodness I

My brunch today --- a made-in-Italy home-sweet-home fusili in mushroom sauce with lotsa garnishings. What more can I say? It's simply fantastico! :)

Pasto Italiano

On Sunday, I revisited Penang with my cousins. No... I ain't gonna stay overnight here like last time since I got to work on the next day. For the whole afternoon, we found our shelter from the scorching heat at the gigantic ~

We were back again! ^-^

And did I mention that it was lunch time now? As we found our way through the mall, we bumped into an elegant restaurant specializing in Italian and Thai fusion cuisine. Upon seeing this, our stomachs started growling. Without further hesitation, we stepped inside.

Yeah right... What was a self-proclaimed vegetarian doing here? Of course to dine lah... Duh! =.= But since I was the odd one out, I got to conform to them. And as expected, the options were very limited for me to choose from. I was obliged to read the menu descriptions meticulously, not just browsing through it like I always did. On top of that, I had to order one that was completely meatless. Arghhh... Very frustrating!

Waiting patiently to be served

After several minutes, the foods we ordered had arrived. First to come was the spaghetti in green curry. Yes, you heard it right... Spaghetti in green curry! Have you guys tried this fancy dish before? Next, it was the classic pasta Carbonara. And nope, they were not mine. =.= I was told that the spaghetti was very spicy and delicious. What da... I love spicy foods! Don't tempt me please... :sob:


My order (which I shared with one cousin) took freakin' long to serve. It made sense though, since it needed to be baked till golden brown. I was kinda impatient right now. Just then, we noticed a waiter was heading towards our table with the order. Yeah... Finally! :get my cutlery ready:

The classic Italian dish

Wouldn't you wanna take a bite? :P

You know what... It was the best pizza I'd ever tasted so far. Unlike Pizza Hut's thick pizza dough that would make you instantly bloated as if you're eating bread, this one was surprisingly thin, very much like the authentic pizza in Italy. The toppings were very simple --- primarily melted cheese and basil leaves. Yet, it tasted tonnes better than those pizzas with ludicrous amount of toppings out there. Trust me. It tasted real good!

And that's supposedly the highlight of my trip to Penang. I might be going there once again on this coming weekend. So watch out Penangites! :P

A lot of bloggers have been blogging about food lately. Now do let me jump on the bandwagon to join 'em. I hope it's not too late for me to do so! :)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Status: Employed

Weee... I'm employed! No more boredom! No more vexations! No more nua-ing! No more <insert anything which you think is appropriate to describe my previous jobless state>!

I hate it when my dad used to nag me to find a job. It's not that I don't wanna find one. It's just that I don't even know which job to look for! Last week, I was pathetically dragged to my cousin's office, albeit in the midst of my fever, to unofficially work for her for one whole day. I thought that would be my job for the ensuing 5 to 6 months. After a couple of days, I was told that there was no vacancy for me in her company. The moment I heard this, I was so freakin' depressed glad! Could you believe that? I was actually filled with delight simply because I became jobless again! Nonono... I was just celebrating my narrow escape from that tedious job! Imagine you were to sit in front of the PC doing all those data entries for 7 hours plus, non-stop! It's so boring, man! I can't imagine I were to do the same damn thing 6 days a week for the subsequent months. Just give me a break, please! I need to inhale some fresh air. :breathe hastily:

Then it was another week of nua-ing in my lonesome cage. I was repeating the same old routine again. Play. Eat. Sleep; Play. Eat. Sleep; Play. Eat. Sleep. =.= This went on for several days, until I received an unexpected SMS from my friend, SH, one fine night:

SH: Wei, u got job bui?
Me: Not yet. Why? Got ho liao job 4 me?
SH: Bo ho liao e job la. Work 2gether wif me la. Kumon Centre.

Bla bla bla...

Maybe you guys have heard about it for years, since it's so famous internationally. But I swear I knew nothing about it before this. I bet lotsa us in Alor Star might not even hear about it. Yeah right... We're really a bunch of katak di bawah tempurung (so damn malu to admit this fact). =.=

The next day, I received her SMS, telling me that the instructor was interested to employ me as an English-language tutor there. I was hesitant for a moment, yet I definitely wouldn't wanna miss this golden opportunity. I've never taught students before, so why not give it a try? In fact, I'm sure that this job is gonna be way better than the data-entry job, which I personally abhor. Moreover, I'm more passionate about teaching than doing clerical work. Hence I gave her a positive reply, and was later asked to prepare for an interview on the very next day. Oh boy... Ain't I nervous? Kinda... And I was exhilarated to know that someone was willing to employ me! :)

So what was the result? Hohoho... I'm employed! Woohoo! :smug face: The interview went on smoothly that afternoon. Thank goodness! I was even asked to commence my tutoring on the next day. My wages are calculated on an hour basis: RM 5 per hour, which is considered good in the low cost town I'm living in. I'm pretty satisfied with the pay (me not avaricious :P). What's more, I only work for 4 days a week, and that means I will have ample time for other activities when I'm off! Ain't it splendid? Yes, it is!

I've been teaching there for 2 days now, and the experience has been great. Some of my friends are there, and there's one more to come in a few weeks. Dealing with kids is an amazing yet tactful erudition. I admit I'm inept at this, but I'm learning to handle it. Teaching is fun, to be frank. I really look forward to another tutoring day as being alone at home is getting me suffocated. Fresh air! Fresh air! :P

My desk!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Get your facts right, MALAYSIA!

We know MALAYSIANS simply love attention --- for all the wrong reasons.

That's why we invented the slogan Malaysia Boleh! and spread it far and wide for goodness sake. That's why we built the Petronas Twin Towers in the national capital although we're still part of the developing Third World. That's why we do all sorts of ridiculous achievements, like flying the longest national flag on the Great Wall of China, displaying the biggest national flag made out of eggshells, painting the longest national flag mural, hanging the biggest national flag from a building's façade, baking the largest cake featuring the national flag etc, to portray to the world how patriotic we are, besides vying hard to break a national or even world record to gratify our worthless vanity and lust for fame and pride. That's why...

And that's not all! We even cooked the biggest pot of porridge, soup, dodol; made the biggest mooncake, chocolate cake, and even the longest popiah. Wow... We Malaysians are definitely boleh! See how we cheered and how jubilant we were on the newspapers. See how proud and complacent we were about our achievements. That's us, MALAYSIANS! Whether you like it or not, you're bound to see all these meaningless craps springing up every now and then to claim a brand new national record for an entry into the Malaysian Book of Records (apparently the Malaysian Book of Craps), which can only be found in the colourful tropical paradise called MALAYSIA!

Well, that's not what I'm trying to tell today. So enuff of it! =.=

Actually, I'm trying to tell you guys some proven facts that our dear Government has cheated us since God knows when. They're not only involving us locals, but also foreigners --- the tourists that come all the way to visit our lovely country each year!

Now open your eyes wide and read:

Fact #1:
You say: Mt Kinabalu is the tallest peak in Malaysia and the whole of Southeast Asia.

WRONG! Mt Kinabalu (4,095 m) is the tallest peak in Malaysia and on the island of Borneo, but definitely not in Southeast Asia.

Shocked? Don't have to. Our Government constantly boasts to the world that the nation's tallest peak is also Southeast Asia's highest, ain't it? (I read about it today again!) Either they're fools or they do it in purpose in order to boost local tourism. So blame them for the wrong fact!

The tallest peak in Southeast Asia is Myanmar's Hkakabo Razi, standing tall above the rest at 5,881 m -- and that's 1.8 km taller than ours. (P/S: Even my Childcraft Picture Atlas that my mum bought for me 14-15 years ago also stated this fact clearly.)

So does that mean Mt Kinabalu ranks 2nd then?

Nah! Indonesia's Puncak Jaya is still taller than Mt Kinabalu. With an elevation of 4,884 m, it's also the highest island peak in the world.

Fact #2:
You say: The Strait of Malacca is the longest strait in the world.

WRONG! All right... Perhaps this fact is less significant than that of Mt Kinabalu, thus I guess the majority of you might not even know about it. Yet, it's true that our Government claims it to be the world's longest, and they had even gone to put up a huge sign on its shore next to Malacca's newly consecrated Straits Mosque to boast about the fact.

The world's longest strait is the Strait of Tartary of Russia. It is 900 km long, which is obviously the winner compared to Strait of Malacca's 805 km. This record can be found in the Guinness Book of Records 1997, thus it's a proven fact.

Fact #3:
Y'all say: Our Government just loves to boast what's not! =.=

BRAVO! Y'all got it right this time! Kudos to all you guys out there! :applause:

And... the moral of the story is:
Never fully trust any of the Government's boasts in the future. Do your own studies and researches rather than depending on the Government to feed you all the facts and statistics. Who knows you might come to realize the Government is trying to make another false boast one day!

Needless (and embarrassing) to say, their so-called facts have now become the jokes in the eyes of the international community. We Malaysians have proven ourselves very boleh once again! :shake head:

Monday, January 01, 2007

Opening the doors for 2007...

It's really true for me to say that December'06 is quite an eventful month. We've seen nature's fury being unleashed, and the disastrous consequences in those affected areas. On another occasion, we've come to realize the importance of Internet to us, and the inconvenience faced by all when Internet connections have gone haywire.

Now, it's my turn to talk about my December mishaps. On Christmas, I suffered my first blow of misfortune. And on New Year's Eve, my health has gone siao. I bet it's my biological clock having its alarm ringing as an alert for me to sleep at more regular times. I'm tasting the consequences now. Serve me right, you say. :(

I'm still feeling kinda feverish right now, though not as worse as yesterday. Is this my New Year's gift, I wonder? I have to admit it's a lame lame gift! Damn malang sial on 01.01.2007! =.="

All right. My eyes really do need a rest now. In fact, I need a pretty good rest!

Wish you folks a Happy New Year! In return, you guys must wish me a speedy recovery from my hellish fever! :P