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Monday, December 11, 2006

Veggie Me

KFC, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Kenny Rogers Roasters, hamburgers, hot dogs, seafood etc, have been blacklisted by me for over one and a half month. It's probably the toughest decision I've ever made in my life so far, especially for someone who loves to eat, eat, and eat! What's more, I've never ever thought of this before. But now I'm proud to declare that I'm one today, at least for the time being, a vegetarian.

For those who've known me for years, don't drop your jaws please! Is this a big surprise to y'all? I bet. :P To be frank, I'm pretty impressed with my feat. Really. I've never thought that I could actually abstain from meat for so long. Before this, no meat for a day was enough to have me killed. But not anymore. I've been able to curb my lust for it not for 1 day, not 1 week, but 1.5 month!

Getting it all started was really tough for me. I still remember I forced myself to tear a Kenny Rogers Roasters rebate coupon into tiny bits on its deadline! Do I regret for it? Nah... I'm actually proud of myself. :) Temptations, temptations! :P

Come to think of all those poor creatures which are slaughtered every single day just to gratisfy mankind's incessant lust for meat cuisine, do you still have the appetite to savour their brutally slain dead bodies on your dining table? I really do mean it. Where's the compassion and mercy we all should have? Oh forget it... We humans are killing each other everyday on battlefields, so what are these inferior creatures to speak for their rights to live?

Just a piece of reminder here: If any of you guys would like to treat me to a meal in the future, do note that I'll only have veggie meals. And day-dreamer, I truly hope that this post would answer my comment on your previous blog entry (hopefully you still remember it). :)


Chen said...

I have few vegetarian friends too, but most of them are Indians :)

kyh said...

My friends are all carnivores! Or should I say omnivores to be more precise? XD The first person to become a vegetarian in my family is my dearest mum. Yeah, it was she who influenced me to become one. :)

Anonymous said...

*rub eyes*

*really see Chen here wor...*


Anyway, you don't eat eggs but you take Essence of Chicken? Apa lah ni? :P

kyh said...

Essence of Chicken was history lar... Now I've totally abandoned it! See... I'm so good... XD

Wennnn said...

Ehhh U sure ka U hv become vegetarian for one mth??? Yesterday oni U had maggi mee with cicak droppings at LB's..... how can tat be vegetarian???

kyh said...

Now it's nearly 4 months liao leh... That Apple King had one, not me!