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Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Life's frail, yet we should never ever forsake our only hopes of survival even though we're on the brink of death. Do not be afraid to cling on to our hopes. Be brave. Move on. There's light greeting us on the other side. Head towards it.

In memory of those who lost their grip in the 2004 tsunamis. Peace.


Anonymous said...

Merry christmas to you and your family, khy... let pray for the tsunami victims... *sob sob*

kyh said...

Yeah... Let's pray for them... *hold a minute of silence*

And thx for ya warm wishes... :)

P/S: It's kyh, not khy! :P

may said...

for some odd reason, your javascripting doesn't work for my Safari... had to load this on Firefox to see your comments, lol!

Merry Boxing Day, and a prayer for the tsunami victims and their loved ones. may the survivors have better days ahead.

kyh said...

So sorry for the trouble... :blushed:

Merry Boxing Day to you too! :)