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Sunday, December 24, 2006


In conjunction with the disastrous December, here's a cool site where you can unleash the force of nature on any webpage you want! Click here.

The steps are very simple:

  1. In the Target field, type in any webpage's URL that you wish to destroy.
  2. In the Disaster field, pick any of the disasters from the list.
  3. Hit Go!.
  4. Finally, just sit back and watch your evil plan works its magic!
Ain't it cool? Muahaha... IMHO, the coolest disaster has got to be Flood. You'll see your targeted webpage inundated with water within seconds! How cool! If you are fond of some squiggly effects, try Worms. It's cool no doubt, but it could be disgusting to some. So my piece of advice to you guys is: try at your own risk! XD

Have fun everyone! :P


Chen said...

this is an interesting site.
thanks for sharing ;)

kyh said...

Sharing is caring. XD

Cat said...

cool! i used it to 'destroy' ur blog..hope u dun mind.. =P

kyh said...

U mau cari matikah??? =.="