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Monday, December 18, 2006

My pay!

Today, I woke up and was surprised to find a letter which bore my name on my computer desk. I was guessing it to be my pay for my first ever job after my STPM.

After opening the letter, my instinct was proven right. There was a cheque enclosed with a blank letter. Gosh... I was so excited! I've been waiting for it these days. Guess I could sleep soundly tonight huh.

Let me tell you the nature of that job. It was a simple-yet-not-simple (what da hell am I talking about?) task which you could complete it within a day without even leaving your computer desk. That's right. It was done using only my PC at my home's comfort. How nice is that! I had to translate a short notice from English into French and German, then posted my translations on 20 different French and German travel forums.

You: What??? When da hell did you learn to speak, read and write in these languages? I'm very (infinity times) sure that you don't, except those basic greetings!
Me: Why? Cannot meh? Are you bohsong with me cos I know these languages?

Just kidding lah! :P Do you guys know that there's one amazing and useful thing called a translation tool on the Internet, and it's free to use? XD

So... Sounds very simple right? Nope, not at all! Despite having the translation tool with me, you still have to correct some of the sentence structures and words so that the translations wouldn't sound awkward. For example, the word apply has several definitions, and you must ensure that the translated word bears the definition you want. One of the tedious parts of the job was to look for 20 French and German travel-related forums. They were quite hard to find since they were not so ubiquitous as the English ones. Plus, it was tough to navigate around these forums since I didn't understand a word they were saying. French was quite easy to me, but German was absolutely not. Another tedious part was the need to register in all these forums, followed by accepting the confirmation letters sent to my e-mail before proceeding to do the copy-and-paste job. The whole job took me approximately 10 hours to complete.

So you bunch of kepos guys are curious with the amount paid to me huh. Not much actually, since this job could be easily done within half a day. Just see for yourself:

Yeah... I'm pretty satisfied with the pay. Initially, they offered me RM10 for posting on each forum, but they later changed to RM5 for each instead. Their maximum budget for this job was RM100, thus I had to do 2 times the initial work-load. But one thing for sure, they said they already had me in mind should they need someone to do translations in the future! :P


Chen said...

translating is not an easy job :D

kyh said...

True true... In fact, every job in this world is no easy task! :P

L B said...

There you go! Today French! Tomorrow, an APPLE!!! Well, maybe not quite tomorrow, but one day soon!

kyh said...

You seem to love apples so much, don't cha? But I want ORANGE lah! :P

L B said...

You can get Orange.. They're some kinda telephone operators in the UK..

kyh said...

Yeah hor... What about LEMON? XD

Anonymous said...

*rub eyes again*

*really see L B here*

*surprised again*


Wah... 1 day earn RM100! If you do this job everyday one month you'll have RM3000! Then can belanja me eat already... :D

kyh said...

Nice jobs won't come everyday one lar! If not the company will definitely cap lap! XD

Cat said...

haha.. so they did pay u after all.. sorry for being so skeptical bout it. =P n congrats! so wat other jobs r u planning to do after dis? since u hv such a long long holiday? it's a nice time to help ur parents earn some money.. dun u thk so?

kyh said...

I told you so... It's not a scam anyway. Sometimes we should really believe in things that sound so unbelieveable! :) I still don't know what job should I apply leh... Helping my parents earn some money? Haha... I think it's more accurate to say I'm helping MYSELF to earn some $$$ lah...