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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Disastrous December

It's a disaster month again! I still remember vividly I'd commented in last December that whenever Christmas is near, something very bad would happen. Seems so true huh.

Let's look back on the December disasters in recent years:

In 2004, many nations bordering the vast Indian Ocean were severely hit by a series of devastating tsunamis triggered off by a big magnitude undersea earthquake off the west coast of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia, which claimed over 275,000 souls and left millions more homeless.

In 2005, the northern states of the Malay Peninsula and Southern Thailand were hit by floods. That also includes my hometown, Alor Star, mind you. My memory is still fresh with those flood scenes. Thank goodness my house was not hit by the gushing waters! In case you don't remember, you can read back some of my blog entries about the floods (with valuable journalist-style pics some more! XD) in the December'05 archives, here.

This year, 2006, it's the southern state of Johor and Singapore's turns to be hit by the damn floods. The conditions are as worse as last year's. If you look back on last year, you'll notice that the floods happened in the same week as this year's! Pretty scary huh.

Poor them! I guess they couldn't celebrate the Christmas season with joy this year. They have to wait for another year, and not forgetting to pray for a peaceful and uneventful December to arrive next year.

Addendum: I've just read a news on Yahoo! that Indonesia is also hit by the floods. Furthermore, it's the worst-hit nation among the 3. Several people were killed and thousands more were displaced in the disastrous Acheh province and Northern Sumatra --- the exact regions that were hit by the devastating tsunamis 2 years ago, in which they were the worst hit.


Anonymous said...

Pity the Johoreans and Singaporeans.

Lucky I came back from Johor already... phew!

Chen said...

Sad to read all those disasters :(
We should count our blessings...

kyh said...

day-dreamer: A phew on my behalf for you too! :)

chen: Yalo... It's so sad to see our world is becoming worse day after day... :sigh:

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's really, really Mother Nature's way to letting us know it's time we all do something about ... something.. Maybe it's just bad luck, I guess.. But this world is getting more and more polluted, and resources are being used up, and etc, etc, and etc... *sigh* What will the World be in 2106? Or even 2056?.. Will Malaysia win the FIFA World Cup? Or is there even gonna be a Malaysia by then?

A Merry Christmas to you, and us, meantime..

kyh said...

IMHO, I think it's us, humans, who have a hand on this. Although I don't know exactly how this is caused, I believe that we are the major culprits. We've been constantly destroying our one and only world for our selfish materialism and vanity. How many among us are showing genuine concern for our deteriorating environment? =.="

And a Merry X'mas to you... :)