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Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Christmasy tiMes JoUrNaL!

To create a festive ambience here in tiMes JoUrNaL, I've decided to give my dear blog a Christmasy new look. So don't be surprised when you hear a soothing Christmas tune (remember to turn on your speakers) while reading my blog! We all wish for a White Christmas, don't we? Thus, I've created this snowy theme for my blog. What do y'all think? Hopefully it doesn't look crappy. =.="

For one whole week, this shall be the theme for tiMes JoUrNaL. Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas ahead! :)


Chen said...

Nice Christmas theme :)

kyh said...

Glad that you like it... Or is it words of encouragement in order not to let me down? :P

Cat said...

yeah it's very christmassy..

kyh said...

It's very Christmasy indeed. :P