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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Back from Penang!

I'd been bored to death in Alor Star for nearly a month after my STPM, thus I'd decided to join 2 of my cousins for a 3-day, 2-night stay at my cousin's rented apartment in the Pearl of the Orient by bus. We alighted from the bus at a bus terminal in Butterworth and went on to aboard a ferry for the island. This was my first time riding a passenger-only ferry and thus it was a brand new experience for me.

It's hard to miss the island's most significant landmark --- KOMTAR (situated on the photo's far right), even from a distance on the sea.

It'd been months since I last visited the island. Our first stop --- Prangin Mall. I wanted to get my mobile phone's faulty charger repaired at the authorized service centre located inside this shopping complex, besides having my phone's firmware reflashed. But I was damn malang as the Internet server was down that particular day due to the recent Taiwanese earthquake (another December disaster!) that had disrupted many regional countries' Internet connections. :sigh:

Penang's tallest tower up close

Later at night, we went to savour the fabulous Fondue at Häagen-Dazs. It was an awesome treat after a tiring walk in the mall for hours. The dessert was delicately embellished with colourful fruits, cookies, cake cubes, wafers, and of course, cute-looking ice-cream balls! The middle of the tray was a pot divided into 2 parts: one containing melted chocolate, the other roasted almond nuts. You just have to dip whateva that's on the tray into the rich chocolate followed by a shower of roasted almond nuts. I was in heaven the moment I put it into my mouth. The feeling was so overwhelming!

Culinary masterpiece!

Dippin' frenzy

The finished product

Have I made you guys drooled now? XD Don't forget to order yours on your next patronage to Häagen-Dazs! It is enough for 4 servings. This dessert will definitely sweeten your day! :)

On the 2nd day, it was another shopping trip again. We went to Gurney Plaza this time.

Christmas trees changing their lights!

I'd managed to get myself these from MPH bookstore:

TIME magazines & my first ever English-language Bible (King James Version)!

Our legs were aching after 2 days of intense shopping. At night, we went to GSC Gurney Plaza to catch this hilarious Christmas movie:

Night at the Museum

The movie told the story of a divorced guy (Ben Stiller) who went to seek a job as a night guard at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. What he didn't know was that the exhibits would all come to live every day at night fall! The T-Rex, woolly mammoth, lions, monkeys, cavemen, Mayans, ancient Romans etc roamed the entire museum and turned it into an utter chaos. His job was to keep all these roaming exhibits from escaping the museum besides using his wits to stop 3 wicked retired night guards from stealing the valuable items, among them was a 24-carat gold ancient Egyptian tablet responsible for all the museum's nocturnal magic.

It's a must-watch if you guys are fond of comedies. I simply love the Easter Island Statue which was so freakin' cute in its speech (yeah... it talked)! And it loved bubble gums too! So funny huh.

Here are some views from my cousin's apartment:

OMG! A Chinese cemetery!

I could spot the beach!

On our last day in Penang, we went to the island's largest and latest shopping attraction --- Queensbay Mall.

It was definitely huge! Due to time constraints and the massive size of the mall, we had to leave before being able to finish our tour inside.

Sayonara Penang!


Anonymous said...

my hometown is in Perak but moved to Penang already, I found out that Penang is a nice play to stay, eat, shop and etc. I hope you enjoy ur day there and happy new year 2007, hope you have a bless, better and smooth year ahead.. :)

kyh said...

Yeah... I did enjoy my trip there. How I wish I could be there for a few more days! I want to do the countdown to New Year's Day in Penang! Alor Star is such a boring place to be on this day. =.="

And Happy New Year 2007 to you! :)

angeline said...

Nice bibles dude....It's definitely better to have a guide to read the bible, is that what the personal reference bible is about? I just got a Quest Study Bible for Christmas too. It's the NIV version. But somehow I prefer the more classic King James. The old and very formal language seems more reverand and holy.

Anonymous said...

Haagen Daaz isn't vegetarian.... :P

Looks nice though...

kyh said...

angeline: Nope, there's no guide. Yeah... That's why I opted for KJV. Somehow I was contemplating between KJV and NKJV when I was there, since I had no idea what were the changes made in the latter. But I found out that NKJV used more simple languages compared to KJV.

day-dreamer: Aiyo... There are many categories within vegetarianism, you know? Some opt for vegetables only, others might include eggs and dairy products. I'm all for the latter, but I don't purposely go and consume eggs. I can tolerate cakes and ice-cream anyway. :)

Chen said...

hey, u came to Penang? :D

The last time I went to Gurney Plaza, there's no Christmas deco yet (tat was weeks ago) ;)
Up to date, I still haven't visit Queensbay Mall yet :P

kyh said...

The beautiful fountain in front of the Christmas trees was no longer sprinkling water when we were there. I guess the authorities were gonna take the Christmas décor away very soon. So sad that I couldn't see it sprinkled! :(

Queensbay Mall is kinda like a miniature Mid Valley Megamall, although it's still huge compared to other shopping malls. In terms of class, Gurney Plaza still takes the crown. :)

Cat said...

i go to penang every yr for new yr.. but nvr recall hving as much fun as u did in such a short time! not fair!! haha.. jz kidding. y din u go to d beach? it's an island after all.. i know i used to go there.. but of cos speaking of beaches there r plenty more nicer ones la..
i dunno wat im talking here.. =P nvm.. btw i din know there was a queensbay mall..must be pretty new.. but i din go back last yr so..
n yeah one more thing.. im so glad i dun hv a thing for sweet stuff.. if not i'l be craving for watever u ate too.. call me outdated or watever u wan but i seriously hv nvr heard of it b4 till u mentioned it.. antique memang like tat la.. wat to do.. guess it must be so expensive.. so good thing i hv no feeling after seeing those photos n how u described it.. i thk if u were to describe something else like maggi mee i wld be more tempted.. maybe im jz weird.. nvm..

kyh said...

Simply because you don't know how to enjoy life! Just kidding... :P

No time for beaches. The beaches around Gurney Drive were all dirty and polluted. I think we need to head further north to the exclusive Batu Ferringhi in order to pamper ourselves under the luxurious sun.

My goodness! You haven't heard of Queensbay Mall before? It's the largest and latest shopping destination in Penang! You seriously need to update your dusty and outdated database! Brush off those dust! Don't be so ah lian, please lah! :P

Yeah... You're indeed a weirdo! Hehe... Where on Earth would someone not attracted to sweet desserts? Everyone loves it --- both young and old. Haih... You have no cure!

Ok lah... Don't cry! Just treat it as a biggg joke, will ya? No offence ya! :)

Cat said...

oh like tat la.. shoot me la now.. fine.. since im a very understanding n forgiving person, i'l jz pretend it nvr happened..
btw dun be surprised tat im replying now when i said i was goin to slp like half an hr ago.. cos i realised i forgot i still had clothes to hang so.. =P n wat's wrong about not liking sweet stuff? at least i dun hv to spend money trying to pamper myself with chocolates or desserts or watever.. can use d money for something else. hmph!
ps. u can treat dis like a big joke too. no offence!

kyh said...

You are indeed understanding and forgiving! Ooh... I'm so touched! :P

Yeah... I am so surprised! But actually no surprise lah, since you're such a weirdo. Hehe...

Whateva... Maybe you like bitter stuff? The possibility is high you know, since you're ahem... weird. =.=

And again, just treat this as a big joke. No offence! :P

day-dreamer said...

Okay... finally I've watched Night At The Museum...

~You... dum-dum, gimme gum-gum~

kyh said...

Hahaha... So cute and funny ya?