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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


... in my house!

Well, that was 3 days ago. I was just back from my tuition class. Being oblivious of my surroundings for most of the time (this time was not exception), I sat on a stool that was placed right in front of a sofa in my living room, engrossing myself in a TV programme.

Just then, I felt my tee was being rubbed by something from behind. I turned around and was so shocked to find a lil' kitten in front of me! I wondered how long had it been lying there on the sofa, and I also wondered whether this lil' creature had pooped in my house or not when my family was out this morning. It must had climbed through the front door and wandered its way to my living room which is located upstairs. How brilliant this kitten was!

The kitten was very cute, albeit a lil' skinny. I took it downstairs to play with it and to snap a few pics of it. It wanted to rub against my feet so much but I wouldn't let it. :P By the way, it was very clean that I'm pretty sure no one would believe that it was actually a stray cat! Cats are experts at cleaning themselves huh. Arghhh... This kitty cat really makes me wanna own a pet dog (which I've been longing to have)! ><"


Anonymous said...

Yalah, yalah, can see the K800i indicator so big la... haha.

Kitten? Erm... no comments. Because I never quite liked cats. Hehe.

kyh said...

I'm also not too fond of cats (I love dogs and pups the most!). But not this one. It was so manja with me! I couldn't help myself but to play with it. :P I do love one cat breed however --- the ever so elegant Persian cat. There used to be a beautiful white Persian cat which liked to roam near my house very early in the morning. When I first saw it (I was about to go to school), I was so stunned by its appearance here. It was a beautiful creature, with fluffy white fur coat and large glistening eyes. Simply amazing! But I haven't seen it for months now and I'm not sure where it has been to. I do miss it a lot!

Anonymous said...

u should have at least fed d poor's really thin.

kyh said...

I'm also thin what... I eat so much each day but still couldn't turn fat. I think this cat would probably end up just like my case even if I've fed it.

Maybe it's better to leave that feeding job to you, since you're such a compassionate person, especially towards pets. :P