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Saturday, October 21, 2006

A dream come true... Introducing my precious Sony Ericsson K800i!

It all came true on October 10th 2006, a day I'll always remember for years to come. The long-awaited parcel had finally arrived. Greeting me inside was the gorgeous Sony Ericsson K800i --- a phone I'd been waiting for so long, a thing I'd been longing to own.

Like a child receiving his Christmas gift, I was eager to touch and feel this marvellous piece of gem. It felt so smooth... so nice... so... everything! I was overwhelmed with joy. I bought this phone together with a 1 GB Sony Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) memory card. The former costed RM1850 while the latter costed RM250, hence the total was pushed to a jaw-dropping RM2100! :sweat: I could still remember clearly that I nearly bought a phone on May 21st last year (a very fateful day --- the bank was closed and this had led me to skip that phone for a better one). Thankfully I did. Otherwise, I would be grumbling right now about my phone's outdated features.

It's actually very funny to reminisce about the days when I used to change targets every now and then, seeking for an ideal phone. I'd been doing this for nearly 2 years! Gosh... I gotta be crazy! Nearly all of my close buddies and family members knew about this since the very beginning. They had become numb everytime I told them I was gonna buy a new mobile phone. One of them even jeered me by saying, "I think you better wait for the release of K10000i!". :P

Wait a minute... Have I told you guys before that this is my first ever mobile phone? Hard to believe huh. All this while, I was forced to use my mum's phone for convenience's sake. Now, the phone was reunited with its owner.

Here are some of the notable features of my new baby:

  • Sony's trademark Cyber-shot™ 3.2-megapixel digital camera with autofocus and macromode
  • Xenon flash and red-eye reduction for taking stunning night shots and photos in low light conditions
  • Sony's very own BestPic™ technology for capturing 9 full-resolution images in quick succession with only one press of the camera key
  • image and video stabilizer for shooting steady and clear photos and video clips
  • picture blogging for posting photos directly to Blogger from the phone
  • Bluetooth™ Stereo (A2DP) for stereo music transmission from the phone to Bluetooth™ headset and devices via Bluetooth™ wireless technology
  • 3G with secondary camera for video conferencing
  • Google™-incorporated web browser
  • stunning 2.0" 262,144-colour QVGA TFT display
A picture tells a thousand words. Here you've got tens of thousands of 'em! Enjoy! :P

I know you guys want it so much! Hehe... I'm lovin' every inch of this baby after owning it for 10 days. It's a modern masterpiece filled with state-of-the-art features of what a mobile phone should be. Unfortunately, there's a bug with the firmware and as a result, I couldn't access 2 folders after playing and fondling it for several days. Moreover, there seems to have a defect with the charger: my phone won't get charged! Arghhh... I'm gonna send it for repair after my graduation day (November 8th) since my baby will then serve as my new digital camera. There'll definitely be lotsa snapping moments on that day! :P


Anonymous said...


That's my current dream phone as well, although I know I won't get it in the near future. :'(

Hope you enjoy using it... and to drop a bomb, my friend bought it for about RM1700 only. Why yours so expensive? :P

kyh said...

I know... The thing is I couldn't find any shop offering lower than RM1850! That was the lowest price I could find! Others were selling at more than RM1900! OMG~ Those bloody $$$-suckers! How I wish I were living in Penang or KL where the price is much more lower than here! :sweat:

Anonymous said...

Well, you get more reasonable prices in places like Low Yat Plaza --> the place where my friend got his.


kyh said...

Maybe I should request you to hunt for me next time, since you're currently staying there. :P

The demand is high in big cities like KL compared to here. Therefore, the price there is significantly lower in order to cope with fierce competitions from other traders.

Till now, I haven't seen anyone using K800i here yet, hence owning one would put you in the limelight and give you a sense of exclusiveness. Cool huh? OK... I'm not that vain! Heh...

In fact, I need to be extra alert whenever I'm using the phone on the streets, and keeping it deep down in my pocket unless necessary. Cos you know... I'm afraid of the 'now you see it, now you don't' thingy happens on me. :P

Anonymous said...

Finally got hp.Wait 4 so many years liao, congrat. Anyway, wats ur number???

kyh said...

Btw, mind to introduce yourself first? How am I going to give you my number if I don't even know who you are... Or do you expect me to publish my number here? :sweat:

Anonymous said...

yaya, u shud pblish it here....since u are so famous..

Anonymous said...

haha... ur old fren, try guess loh

kyh said...

That dummy-looking lad rite? :P My initial guess is double-confirmed after receiving your SMS. Well, you do have my number... I remember clearly I'd given you and it seems like you've forgotten about this thing. Luckily the number ain't lost, and you're still keeping it. :)

P/S: Please lah... Sign in with your Blogger account next time! Don't comment on my posts anonymously. You wanna play hide-and-seek with me isit? ><"