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Monday, September 04, 2006


The title says all: I'm very glad today.


  1. My exams are finally over! Oh my... You wouldn't know how excited I am right now! It's been a torture to me these few days. Now the painful nights are over! :P
  2. There was a minor problem with my PC again, so I took it back to that shop once more. And you know what, they told me that it was not the battery problem (which they'd mistakenly replaced a new battery for me), but rather a faulty motherboard. Hence they changed back to my old battery and I got back my RM120 for it! The motherboard however is incurable anymore, and the only resolution is to change the whole mobo. But that will definitely cost some few hundred bucks right? Since I still can surf the net and do all my stuff with my PC, this annoying problem can be put aside (I know it's kinda hard for me to neglect it since it's bugging me everytime I turn my PC on, yet I'm sure I'll get used to it pretty soon, hopefully. Patience, patience, patience! :P). Furthermore, I'll be getting a lappie next year, so no point wasting extra money on this small matter right? Anyway, I'm really glad that I've got my money back. That's more important to me! :)