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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Miracles can happen... and they did!

Once again, I woke up at 3 in the morning to catch the intense match between my favourite, France and the defending champions, Brazil. I know a lota guys (and gals of course) have been predicting that Brazil would definitely win this match and send France home.

Muahaha... I'm soooooo glad that not only Les Bleus don't have to pack their things up, they have even qualified for the semi-finals to meet with the Portuguese (and once again I'm damn pleased that the overrated English team has been defeated in their match against Portugal on penalty shoot-out. Looks like England is cursed to taste defeat on every penalty shoot-out in World Cup history! They just sux in that, aren't they? Big names yet terrible performance! Oh yeah... Mind you, I'm the world's biggest anti-England fan! :P)! Miracles do occur! Nothing is really impossible in this world --- including defeating the defending world champions! Poor Brazil... Their dreams to defend the prestigious title and to lift the World Cup for the 2nd consecutive time (6th in total) were shattered completely by the French. Too bad that these samba boys would have to wait for another 4 years to fulfill these dreams, and yet that's not 100% guaranteed!

So who amongst you guys dare to underestimate the strength of France again? Who amongst you guys would want to mock at Zinédine Zidane's rising age and sluggish movement again when he's been one of the greatest playmakers in those matches against Spain and Brazil, and debunking criticism by proving to the world that he's still able to play skilfully and score goals at his age? Think thrice before you guys wanna flame France again!

It's now down to 4 --- France, Italy, Germany and Portugal. It's an all-European semi-final, which seems more like a UEFA European Football Championship than a World Cup! With the elimination of Brazil, Europe once again dominates the football pitch with great passion and emotions.

France, kick the Teamgeist to the final and lift the coveted Coupe du Monde for the 2nd time! You can do it!


Hélène said...




kyh said...

Yeah... Vive la France!!!

Zizou is great! :)

day-dreamer said...

Judging on your title "Miracles can happen... and they did!" I assume you think France will lose too?

Otherwise why call it a miracle? :P :P

kyh said...

Lol... Actually, based on Brazil's strength and popularity, it's not strange to see that everyone opting for Brazil to win this match. Like I said in the previous post, Brazil would be very likely to win, although the chance for France to emerge as victors is not totally impossible. Everyone was so astonished when France outplayed mighty Brazil! In fact, Brazil has never won France within the past 8 years! Furthermore, France is getting better and better in this tournament, and hopefully they will win in the end. Seems like France would remain as Brazil's all-time most-feared rival. :P