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Monday, July 17, 2006

B'day Boy

Last Friday, I was in Penang with my paternal extended family to celebrate my grandma's birthday. Actually, her birthday falls on April 1st (April Fools' Day :P), yet we postponed it to July for unknown reasons (have to inquire my cousin as she was the event planner). My grandma knew nothing about this celebration we made for her. It was such a huge surprise to her when she found out that she was the main character of the whole journey!

We had dinner at a restaurant (it's actually a Chinese community centre cater for weddings and functions), where we savoured typical Chinese dishes (those served in Chinese wedding banquets). The food was not bad, yet expensive! 2 fully-seated tables costed us a staggering RM 9xx --- that's nearly RM 1k! Oh my... Penang is such a costly place to live! :/

After returning to our hotel (The Gurney), we had another surprise for our grandma --- a delicious specially-made ice-cream cake from Häagen-Dazs! The whole cake was made of ice-cream, and absolutely no cake bits! There were 2 layers of ice-cream --- Macadamia Brittle and Belgian Chocolate (the flavours were meticulously chosen by my cousins). After my grandma blew out the candles, my cousin instantly replaced them with new ones. I first thought they were going to ask my grandma to blow out the candles once more (which seemed so strange to me), yet I didn't take much notice since I was so busy taking photos of the lovely cake. Then there came the birthday song. I was so shocked and surprised when I realized that the song was actually dedicated to me! They celebrated my birthday with me 3 days earlier than the actual date! I couldn't believe it! :touched: Later, I made a birthday wish before blowing out the candles and slicing the oh-so-damn-hard cake (we actually had to use the stainless steel knife instead of the plastic knife used for slicing cakes!)!

Let's fast-forward to today's morning --- July 17th. During recess at school, my friends took out a lovely birthday cake to celebrate this day with me. I was really pleased. What a nice bunch of friends these guys are! At night, me and my closest pals went to dine at Kenny Rogers Roasters. A good buddy of mine actually wanted to treat me to this meal. I was very surprised, yet at the same time very touched by his sincerity. Later, we went to a nearby café to chat and have some drinks. It's been a really great day for me!

Lastly, what I wanna say to these great buddies is thank U, thank U and thank U! I really appreciate every single bit you guys have done for me today. Merci beaucoup!


day-dreamer said...

Happy (belated?) birthday!!

May all your dreams come true!!

And... nice cake!!

kyh said...

Thx thx thx! Yeah... May all my dreams come true!

P/S: Where's my present? :P

day-dreamer said...

I say "happy birthday" here is very pei min already leh... what more do you want?

:P :P :P

kyh said...

I want a gift! :P