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Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm so glad and pleased right now! Reason? I've finally made it --- launching my very first jukebox on my blog! In case you guys still haven't noticed that thingy lurking somewhere on this blog, it's actually very easy to find --- just located below the chatbox. There you have it --- my awesome jukebox, courtesy of!

I've been looking for a promising free web host to host this application. Most of 'em either don't support this thingy or require the users to place those distracting ads on their blogs, and I ended up very frustrated at one time. Yet to my utmost surprise, I finally found it after searching around for quite some days. This web host offers a whopping 300 MB of free space for the cost of nothing --- more than anything that I could ask for. You could never imagine how glad I am to discover it. One thing for sure, I can store a lota songs that are going to be played in my jukebox! Isn't this nice?

The songs in my playlist are all my favourites, and I'll be constantly updating it as time goes by. May this latest addition to my blog keeps you guys coming back to the one and only tiMes JoUrNaL! :gratitude:

P/S: Broadband connection is highly recommended. Dial-up users please beware! :P

Addendum: Crap... I just realise that the web host doesn't permit applications like! Ironically, those crappy web hosts I found do not have this rule enforced. What the hell... Why oh why!?! Arghhh... I think I betta stick to this web host for the time being (too reluctant to let go ><") until my account get terminated mercilessly by that particular web host without prior notice. Hopefully that won't happen. :praying hard:

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