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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Les Bleus rekindle their World Cup passion and dreams

Against all odds, the French squad (a.k.a. Les Bleus) has made it to the quarter-finals after a spectacular 3-1 victory over the heavily favoured Spaniards. Woohoo!

I woke up at 3 something in the midnight just to catch this exciting match between the 2 European powerhouses live on TV. This was the first ever midnight match I'd managed to watch since the tournament began in Germany approximately 3 weeks ago. Despite there was school in the next morning, the temptation of this much anticipated match had made me succumbed to it and overcome my drowsiness, especially thinking of the fact that this could be the last appearance of France in this tournament.

So did I regret watching it and sacrificing my precious sleep? NOPE! I was damn pleased that I didn't miss this great match. Plus, I was even more delighted to see France advancing to the quarter-finals to meet with the 5-time world champions --- Brazil in their upcoming match. That's definitely gonna be another stunning match not to be missed!

Could France remake history by repeating their glorious 3-0 victory over Brazil in the 1998 FIFA World Cup final back then in their homeland? I really hope so, though it seems quite impossible (yet, nothing's impossible right?). Whatever the future holds for France, I just wanna say that, "Les Bleus, play your best and forget the rest! I love ye forever!"

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