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Saturday, June 10, 2006

It's screening... finally...

A discovery I made today makes me feel that my hometown is really cheap! :shakes head:

I just know that Alor Star's sole cinema has begun to screen The Da Vinci Code. I saw a big poster of the movie being pasted on the wall at the entrance of the cinema. Later, I was told by a cousin that the movie was already screening when she was there last week. My immediate response was, "Crap! This movie is supposed to screen on May 18th, and that was 3 weeks ago!" Nevermind, I'd watched this movie with my friends a few days ago at my home and I'm now pretty satisfied (though the quality sux a lot --- It's a pirated DVD man... What do you expect? :P).

I'm currently waiting to watch The Omen in the same cinema, yet I don't put much hope on this. Reasons? As usual, it's not even here yet! = =" Plus, even if it would be screened here, I suppose it would take a few weeks' time to reach here. I'm sick of waiting. That's it. I think that I would probably end up buying another copy of pirated DVD and watch it at my home's comfort. :P

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