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Friday, June 23, 2006

I got pimped --- 4 being a consolation winner! :P

I'm officially the last winner of the "smashpOp PIMPS YOU!" contest organized by smashpOp on his blog --- smashing pOpstar!

I'm not kidding okay... Here's the concrete proof in case you guys either don't believe me or don't even know what da hell I'm talkin' about:

So... Do you guys believe me now? See... I told you so! Muahaha... What an honour to have won this prize! smashpOp initially missed out one winner for the consolation prize (he named 4 winners instead of 5), and I'm that lost sheep! :P What a surprise I had when he came to my blog and told me about the great news. I'm really glad that I won (my hardwork did pay off :P)!

Thanx pOp for announcing me one of the winners! And also a million thanx for the free publicity of tiMes JoUrNaL on his amazing blog! :P I'm currently waiting anxiously for my prize to arrive --- a custom-made badge to beautify my dear blog! Woohoo... Can't wait for that!

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