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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Glad + Sad = Mixed Emotions

So which one do you wanna know first? I think I betta start with the sad news first. Since the 2006 FIFA World Cup kicked off in Germany, I bet a lota guys would have done one particular thing --- betting. Yeah... I laid my very first bet of the tournament yesterday --- and I lost! ><" I think I'm pretty sui for losing my first ever bet! It's not a small amount of money (to me lah) --- RM 50! Now laugh all you want. I know you guys are scoffing at me right now. :weeps:

Now for the good news (also related to the World Cup :P). My beloved France has progressed to the final 16! Yippie! The French will be meeting with the Spaniards (it was them who caused me to lose my money last night! Hghhh!) to vie for a spot in the quarter-finals. Too bad my instinct tells me that France would be defeated by the victorious Spain. Yikes! I hope there would be a draw and both teams would then move on to try their luck and skills on penalty shoot-out (hopefully France will win). This is gotta be an exciting match. Oh my... Can't wait for that!


day-dreamer said...


Don't bet. It's not good... :P

kyh said...

I know gambling is bad, moreover a sin in all faiths. Lol... Can't help myself. Since this game is held once every 4 years, so I might give it a try. Syok syok a lil bit.... hehe...

P/S: I think in the end I'll be really syok for losing a big sum of $$$. (CHOI!!!) ><"