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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mission impossible?

You guys might have watched MI:3, but do you guys know that there's still a centuries-old issue waiting to be solved? No need to guess. I'm talking about one of the most intense and sensitive issues of mankind in history --- religious coexistence.

I've found a banner which I think is very meaningful and exceptionally brilliant. I'm seeing hopes and dreams while looking at it. Take a look at this:

What say you? Ain't it brilliant? It's a really simple banner, yet it is filled with great visions. The word COEXIST consists of the familiar symbols of the 3 great Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The letter C is represented by the Crescent, the Islamic symbol. The letter X is represented by the Star of David, the Jewish symbol. Finally, the letter T is represented by the Christian Cross. Combining these symbols into a word that bears such a huge significance, it's definitely a task that all mankind would like to see it accomplished. Despite these 3 faiths being friends and foes through the centuries, and even strong rivals in the race to become the world's largest faith (between Christianity and Islam), the possibility to construct the word out of their respective religious symbols might be a sign or a revelation that these 3 monotheistic faiths can actually coexist in peace and harmony, completely without mutual enmity and animosity.

Whether or not it remains a mission impossible, only time can testify it.

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