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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Da Vinci Phenomenon

I just purchased the books that I so wanted to buy approximately 3 hours ago. These include:

  • the special illustrated edition of Holy Blood, Holy Grail
  • its sequel, The Messianic Legacy
  • The Definitive Guide to the Da Vinci Code: Paris Walks
  • The Assassini
  • The Genesis Code
  • The Magdalene Cipher
  • The Last Templar
  • The Rule of Four
  • The Third Secret
  • The Historian (this book is not part of the Da Vinci phenomenon)
  • The Da Vinci Kit (a specially designed kit that contains all things Leonardo)
Due to some crinkles on the pages of the special illustrated edition of Angels & Demons, I was forced to eliminate it from my shopping cart. In conjunction with the global Da Vinci fever which simmers following the screening of the movie version in cinemas worldwide, the Popular bookstore has offered a 20% discount on each of the Da Vinci-related novels to its card members. I'm not a member, thus I've to borrow the card from a friend of mine in order to be entitled to this special member privilege. These books cost me a total of RM 417.44 after the 20% discount. It's no doubt a big spending and a big saving day!

I bought the special illustrated edition of The Da Vinci Code and the paperback edition of Angels & Demons last year, and now these books have new companions! I just love my book collection, and I'm waiting eagerly for the arrival of the next expansion of my bibliography!


day-dreamer said...

Wow! So many books! I am so envious!

Can lend me? Hehehe...

kyh said...


Of course can... If you ever stop at my house... :P