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Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Da Vinci Code Malaysian Première

The wait is finally over! Today is the day! The year's most anticipated film adapted from Dan Brown's controversial same-titled novel is finally screening in local cinemas today. Yet, I'm not quite sure whether the film has made its way to my town's sole cinema, as that particular cinema is always a tad slower in movie screenings than those in the big cities. Too bad I'm still being stuck in my mid-term exams (Sunday's the last day :P). Hopefully I would be able to catch it with my friends next week. We're all so eager to watch that movie!

It's quite a disappointment to learn that movie critics were not so fond of the movie after the film launched its world première at the 59th Cannes Film Festival in France yesterday. One thing though, I'm not gonna let any of these criticisms from stopping me to the cinema for this movie. Hello... I've been waiting for this film to reach our shores since last December and you're now advising me not to watch it due to some of these professional criticisms? We're not the same after all --- we might have different tastes. Your cup of coffee might not be my cup of tea, right? Something you dislike doesn't mean that I would abhor it too. Why in the world should I follow suit? Furthermore, I did mention that those are criticisms by professionals. Hey... I'm not even one myself! See... We're totally worlds apart!

Oops... I think I have enough of complaint. The Da Vinci Code... Wait for me!!!

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