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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mission impossible?

You guys might have watched MI:3, but do you guys know that there's still a centuries-old issue waiting to be solved? No need to guess. I'm talking about one of the most intense and sensitive issues of mankind in history --- religious coexistence.

I've found a banner which I think is very meaningful and exceptionally brilliant. I'm seeing hopes and dreams while looking at it. Take a look at this:

What say you? Ain't it brilliant? It's a really simple banner, yet it is filled with great visions. The word COEXIST consists of the familiar symbols of the 3 great Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The letter C is represented by the Crescent, the Islamic symbol. The letter X is represented by the Star of David, the Jewish symbol. Finally, the letter T is represented by the Christian Cross. Combining these symbols into a word that bears such a huge significance, it's definitely a task that all mankind would like to see it accomplished. Despite these 3 faiths being friends and foes through the centuries, and even strong rivals in the race to become the world's largest faith (between Christianity and Islam), the possibility to construct the word out of their respective religious symbols might be a sign or a revelation that these 3 monotheistic faiths can actually coexist in peace and harmony, completely without mutual enmity and animosity.

Whether or not it remains a mission impossible, only time can testify it.

The Da Vinci Phenomenon

I just purchased the books that I so wanted to buy approximately 3 hours ago. These include:

  • the special illustrated edition of Holy Blood, Holy Grail
  • its sequel, The Messianic Legacy
  • The Definitive Guide to the Da Vinci Code: Paris Walks
  • The Assassini
  • The Genesis Code
  • The Magdalene Cipher
  • The Last Templar
  • The Rule of Four
  • The Third Secret
  • The Historian (this book is not part of the Da Vinci phenomenon)
  • The Da Vinci Kit (a specially designed kit that contains all things Leonardo)
Due to some crinkles on the pages of the special illustrated edition of Angels & Demons, I was forced to eliminate it from my shopping cart. In conjunction with the global Da Vinci fever which simmers following the screening of the movie version in cinemas worldwide, the Popular bookstore has offered a 20% discount on each of the Da Vinci-related novels to its card members. I'm not a member, thus I've to borrow the card from a friend of mine in order to be entitled to this special member privilege. These books cost me a total of RM 417.44 after the 20% discount. It's no doubt a big spending and a big saving day!

I bought the special illustrated edition of The Da Vinci Code and the paperback edition of Angels & Demons last year, and now these books have new companions! I just love my book collection, and I'm waiting eagerly for the arrival of the next expansion of my bibliography!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

See me fly!

To clear things up, I'm not a bird nor a comic hero that can flyyy... I'm actually depicting what's on my mind right now: I'm free... I'm totally free! I've been waiting for the arrival of this moment since last month --- the end of my mid-term exams. Woohoo... It's such a wonderful feeling (Though that would be another tale when the exam papers are distributed back to us after the mid-term holidays. I'm not gonna bother about it right now for that would certainly ruin my holidays!)! That means from today onwards till my next examination, I'll have more time to blog. Isn't that a great news? :P

I wanna tell you guys something --- The Da Vinci Code ain't screening here in Alor Star! Crap! ><" I can't accept this truth! Oh well, it seems like I'm gonna resort to every Malaysian's favourite pastime --- hunting for pirated DVDs. We're notorious for that, aren't we? Sorry Mr. Prime Minister... You can't blame us though. We're forced to do that! See what's going on now? The movie I'm so eager to watch ain't showing at my place. That's absolutely preposterous! You guys who have managed to watch this summer block-buster in your local cinemas --- I envy you!

SUKMA's coming in 3 days. With Alor Star being selected as its main venue (for the first time? I've no idea despite living here for almost 19 years!), I'm sure that all the trunk-roads will be terribly congested with traffic. Gosh... That's a nightmare! Imagine a relatively tranquil lil' town is being transformed into a chaotic human arena overnight; and imagine that I'm being trapped in a traffic jam for hours --- that's an insane phenomenon for a townsfolk like me. City-dwellers wouldn't even give a damn about this, but I would. I've never been trapped in a traffic jam for longer than 15 minutes in my entire life here! I don't want it to be like Penang or Kuala Lumpur, where traffic queues can stretch for miles! :faint:

I'm gonna buy some interesting novels within these few days, and they're gonna cost me a bomb --- approaching the RM 500 mark! These include the special illustrated editions of the best-sellers, Holy Blood, Holy Grail and Dan Brown's Angels & Demons (I bought the paperback edition last year, yet I'm somehow enthralled by its special illustrated edition and this is how it goes into my shopping cart!), a few Christocentric novels just like the famed yet notorious The Da Vinci Code, and a meticulously designed The Da Vinci Kit. Woohoo... My book collection is expanding again! Wait a minute... Did I tell you guys that I'm gonna pay it with my angpows? Ouch!

P/S: What do you guys think of my freshly revamped blog? I love it, especially the scintillating logo that's sure to catch eveyone's attention. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do! :P

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Da Vinci Code Malaysian Première

The wait is finally over! Today is the day! The year's most anticipated film adapted from Dan Brown's controversial same-titled novel is finally screening in local cinemas today. Yet, I'm not quite sure whether the film has made its way to my town's sole cinema, as that particular cinema is always a tad slower in movie screenings than those in the big cities. Too bad I'm still being stuck in my mid-term exams (Sunday's the last day :P). Hopefully I would be able to catch it with my friends next week. We're all so eager to watch that movie!

It's quite a disappointment to learn that movie critics were not so fond of the movie after the film launched its world première at the 59th Cannes Film Festival in France yesterday. One thing though, I'm not gonna let any of these criticisms from stopping me to the cinema for this movie. Hello... I've been waiting for this film to reach our shores since last December and you're now advising me not to watch it due to some of these professional criticisms? We're not the same after all --- we might have different tastes. Your cup of coffee might not be my cup of tea, right? Something you dislike doesn't mean that I would abhor it too. Why in the world should I follow suit? Furthermore, I did mention that those are criticisms by professionals. Hey... I'm not even one myself! See... We're totally worlds apart!

Oops... I think I have enough of complaint. The Da Vinci Code... Wait for me!!!