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Friday, April 07, 2006

Check out my new backpack! :P

Yippie! I've just got myself a brand new Nike backpack! Honestly, I would never think of buying a new one if it wasn't due to the fact that the zips of my trusty 6-year-old-plus cheap-branded schoolbag (who cares... It's damn tough and durable even after so many years of brutal usage! I'm definitely one satisfied customer with its outstanding quality >x) had finally worn out just a couple of weeks ago.

Actually, the backpack I fall in love with at first sight is not the one I walk away with eventually. My initial response when seeing this backpack is: "Gosh! It's soooooo flashy!". After minutes of comparing this and that, I've finally chosen the one that is donned with ostentacious colours (orange and red!). The reason is simple: it's very SPACIOUS!

Well, it's not that bad after all. Let's face it OK... I wouldn't have been so dumb to spend a hundred ringgit (yep... It costs me RM 99.00. Oh well, my mum (on my dad's behalf) paid it for me :P) on something that I dislike, right? To put it in a nutshell, this backpack looks and feels great to me! I'm lovin' it! >x

JUST DO IT! Ain't this striking? :PThe trademark. Don't tell me you haven't seen it before!

This is my good old schoolbag. It's time to dump it though! :(

Sorry... It's time to dump you!


Cat said...

one sentence.i still prefer ur old bag.

day-dreamer said...

The front of the bag looks nice...

kyh said...

cat: I can't believe your fashion sense! ><

day-dreamer: Thanks! I love it too... :P