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Friday, March 10, 2006

Death to the damn PIG!

While fierce and vehement chants of Death to America, Israel and most recently, Denmark are spreading and burning across the Muslim world like a highly contagious disease, I too am being drawn to this trend, today (yeap... T-O-D-A-Y)!

It's kinda rare for me to wake up before noon on weekends. That's why I'm here right now, typing this post early in the morning. I was awakened by my grandma just now and was told that one of our car's windows was smashed by a thief last night (supposed to be this morning, midnight to be precise). I was like, what the hell!?! Later, my mum told me that all the CDs in our car have been stolen. What!?! Shit!!! Besides the overwhelming pirated CDs that I kept in my car, there was one original which I bought with my savings 6 years ago! In fact, it's one of my most treasured and favourite CDs. And now it's gone... G-O-N-E forever!!! :sobs:

I went to bed at nearly 4 this morning, so I begin to wonder at what time did that pig carry out its mission. If that was done before 4, I should've heard it. After all, my room has windows and the car is parked underneath it (my room is situated upstairs). Maybe I wasn't too aware of the sound due to tiredness. And maybe it was too ingenious at taking necessary precautions to avoid producing any sound besides carrying things out meticulously and precisely.

I feel like cursing that rubbish, and I did (typically me! :P). My mum scolded me for cursing as she believe it's bad for us (based on Buddha's teachings). But I just couldn't help it. Arggghhh!!! The one who suffers the most from this incident is meeeeee! Sad but true. :sobs: (again!)

Wait a minute... There's still one CD left in the CD player! It would continue to stay that way if that stupid pig ain't brilliant enough to dig it out from there. Well, at least I'm not paying all the price. This is indeed a nice lil' consolation prize for me. (How I wish that CD was the original one though!)

Don't ever let me find out who the culprit is behind all this... Otherwise, Death to the !@#!*% PIGGG (oops... Sorry mum... I just couldn't help myself, again! :P)!!!

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