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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Announcement: It's still alive... as usual!

Before I proceed any further, here are some words of caution: Don't make any bizarre speculations of what I'm gonna announce, pppleeassse!

Relax! I'm not here to terminate my dear blog from functioning (in case you guys might think that I've already abandoned this blog since I haven't done any updates to it for almost a month). I just wanna inform you guys that I've decided to take a temporary break from the blogosphere (again! :P). So expect rare or no updates from today onwards, until the day I've decided to meet you guys here again (sadly, I have absolutely no idea when it's gonna be)! Who knows it might be tomorrow (I doubt it's that soon! :P)...

As a reminder here once again, this blog is still alive and not dead yet! Sheesh those who've cursed the end of my blog! *Furious ><* Anyhow, you guys can check out this blog once in a while to see whether I've returned from my long, long vacation. Be sure to wait for my return!

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