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Saturday, January 21, 2006

OMG! Can't believe I did that!

When I attended my Physics tuition class this morning, my friends asked me to go to school with them to decorate our classroom for this brand new year. They also planned to go shopping at Alor Star Mall later on and invited me to join them too. I was really lazy and reluctant to go but I'd decided to make confirmation with them after the lesson.

Due to my absence from the last lesson (I was in school for the house sports practice), I didn't know that the class ended half an hour earlier today at 12 p.m. sharp (my buddy had forgotten to tell me about it). Furthermore, I'd told my dad (who was going to fetch me from the tuition centre) that my class ended at the usual time, thus I decided to join them by riding in a friend's car.

I'll skip the part when we were in school as it wasn't the main point I wanna share with you guys here. The most exhilarating part was when we were all (there were 7 of us all together) congregating at the Alor Star Mall, preparing to... *ahem*... participate in the ice-cream-eating contest! Unbelievable huh. A few food-consumption contests were organized by the mall authorities today in conjuction with the 36-hour non-stop Chinese New Year sales promotion held here. However, we were only able to acquire 5 seats for the contest and surprisingly, I was one of them!

There were 20 participants in total and guess what... 3 quarters (15 out of 20) of the participants were kids below 12! This means that we were the only adults participating in this game! Oh gosh... This gotta be so embarrassing! But who cares... We were here for some fun! And honestly, I still couldn't believe I was doing this crazy stuff!

The whole contest was equally-divided into 4 sessions consisting of 5 participants each. As we were the last to register for the game, thus the 5 of us fell into the final session. When that moment had arrived, the 5 of us were competing against ourselves, vying for the mystery gifts given to the fastest eater of each session only. I got a box of vanilla-flavoured ice-cream and it looked so tempting. My friend got a box of supposedly durian-flavoured ice-cream which seemed to be smaller in quantity but had a higher melting rate. And BINGO! He won that contest. He had finished his partially-liquefied (ewww...) ice-cream in a flash while the rest of us had only taken our second or third scoops (ours were still freezing and haven't liquefied yet!). The winner got a... *ahem*... 2 small, cheap-looking food containers from DANONE (obviously the free gifts from the purchase of DANONE food products)! Muahaha... That was damn funny! But hey... The rest of us were not bad either. We got our consolation prize too --- the free ice-cream lunch (I couldn't finish the stuff and I'd to dump the remaining half into the dustbin!)!

Later on, another friend of mine who had also participated in the ice-cream-eating contest had decided to take the last remaining seat for the upcoming drinking contest. While waiting for the competition to begin, we headed for UNO Café to lunch. I'd ordered a bowl of red-hot Thai Tom Yam Bee Hun (I always relish hot and spicy dishes that will stimulate my taste bud). After savouring our lunch, we shopped around until the contest began. And BINGO once again... My friend had beaten 4 other kids (kinda embarrassing yet funny vying with 4 other kids at this kinda age!). But his prize was much more valuable --- a set of drinking glass!

I think this is the craziest thing I'd ever done in my entire life! But it's really fun engaging in this sort of activities with your best pals. The precious values of friendship and co-operation are realized and strengthened along the way.

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