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Sunday, January 01, 2006

How did I celebrate my New Year?

Attending a tuition class!!!

Sad but true. I've just attended my very first tuition class of this year. Schools nationwide will be reopened tomorrow, and I'm very sad to announce that my 2-month long holidays are finally coming to an end. I think it's time for me to bid farewell to my sweet holidays. I had better adapt myself to the distressing old school life again from now onwards. One thing I dislike the most about school days --- I need to wake up before the crack of dawn every single day (in this case, weekends are excluded, of course!)! That's a tremendous torture to me. I really hate it!

2006 is proven to be a very tough year for me. I have to sit for the future-determining examination, STPM. It's damn scary just to think of it! But according to everyone's favourite Feng Shui master practitioner Lillian Too, this year would be a marvellous year for Rabbits (that's me!).

Wait a minute... Feng Shui wouldn't work its magic if we don't put in our efforts right? Just dream on if you wanna score straight As without studying, even if the adorable Lillian Too said there would be a good year in store for you ahead.

Boys will always be boys. I'm extremely lazy in schoolworks but I get very energetic once it comes to play. Well, I understand that everything has an exception, and this theory applies to this case too. I know there are many guys out there who are diligent and conscientious in this matter. Sadly, I'm not one of them...

Anyway, I'm very certain that I would never ever let myself plunge into the dungeons of hell while others are tasting the bliss of heaven. No way I'm going to let that happen to me! I never will!

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