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Friday, January 13, 2006


Since my school had reopened, I've started to get dizzy again with my hectic life as a student. Therefore, I've decided to take a temporary break from this wonderful blogosphere. Yeah... I know it's kinda sad to make this announcement :(

Anyway, I promise I'll post some exciting news and stories if I ever have any. Please remember to check out for my warm Chinese New Year greetings a fortnight from now. I'm waiting with bated breath for the arrival of that once-in-a-year festival that is so symbolic and significant to the global Chinese community! In my mind now are those angpows (red money packets) filled with lots and lotsa cash! (I'm obviously a genuine true-blue $$$-olic, ain't I?)

OKOK... Enough crappy talks here. I think it's time for me and my dear blog to hibernate until the arrival of that joyous season. I'm signing off now. Adiós!

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