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Saturday, January 28, 2006

CNY's Eve Family Reunion Dinner

I just came back from my Chinese New Year's Eve reunion dinner with my family and relatives at Alor Star's Old Tune Chinese restaurant. It was my first time to dine here, as the restaurant was newly opened just a few months back.

Both the restaurant's striking exterior and interior décor resembled the typical Chinese teahouses of Shanghai in the 30's. The strong ambience created by the sophisticated Chinese décor gave me a sense of serenity and tranquillity. It was definitely an oasis in the centre of bustling Alor Star.

Once I stepped inside, I was immediately blown away by its irresistible old-world charm. Although I knew that it was all artificial, yet it looked and felt so genuine and authentic. I felt like being transported back to the opulent and glamorous era of old Shanghai.

Let's now move to the dining table. The first dish took almost 30 minutes later than the scheduled time to serve. By the way, the dishes were exactly the same as those served in a typical Chinese wedding banquet, but with a slight personal touch. The names of the dishes were really interesting. They were named after auspicious terms and proverbs commonly used and heard during the Chinese New Year. You wouldn't know what it was by reading its name only. Therefore, me and my cousins had a guessing game on the dishes. Too bad none of us got any of them right, but we all knew that the last dish would definitely be a dessert (lessons from one million Chinese wedding banquets we had attended!).

Among the delicacies were the typical shark's fin soup, buns with curry prawns, fish in tom yum gravy, Chinese-style fried rice and more. The dishes were not bad at all, yet they were not that finger-lickin' good. All I can say is they were merely acceptable, no more no less. One thing I dislike is that the dishes took a very long time to reach our tables. Each dish took approximately half an hour to serve. Sigh. And you know what, the cost for this special Chinese New Year's Eve reunion dinner package was RM328 per table. We had reserved 2, and this means that the price-tag on tonight's family reunion dinner was a staggering RM656! *Faint*

Before going home, we had a chance to snap some pictures in and out of the uniquely designed restaurant. There was a beautiful stone wall where water cascaded down like a waterfall and also a fountain which sprinkled water into a pond full of elegant Japanese Kois. Everything here was so delicate and pleasing to the eyes.

All in all, it was certainly a night to remember.

Chinese lanternsChinese-themed cornerWater cascaded down a stone wall
Fountain and Japanese Koi pondRed Chinese lanternsOld Tune signboardOld Tune signboard

1 comment:

Cat said...

our reunion dinner was so different from restraunt with air-cond,jz a typical village house...dun hv to wait 30 minutes for each dish,everything is already at the table even b4 we sit there...parents will be shouting at their children to come n eat b4 d food disappears.jz imagine 30 ppl squashed together eating n chatting away(it's damn hot though),dat's our reunion dinner.but i wld nvr trade this special dinner for anything else in d world,for it's not something everyone wld get to experience in their lives.cheers to our reunion dinner! :P