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Friday, January 27, 2006

61st Anniversary of the Holocaust

61 years have elapsed silently, but the excruciating pain and scars from the so-called "Europe's worst genocide in modern history" still remain. Who could ever expunge the dreadful era when an estimated 6 million Jews were exterminated mercilessly by Adolf Hitler's villainous Nazi regime from his/her memory?

I used to wonder why Jews are being persecuted incessantly throughout recorded history, even till today. Let alone their actions that led to the execution of Christ, which had sparked countless rigorous religious wars and expulsions against them as a result of centuries-old hatred and resentment from the fellow Christians, most notably the notorious Spanish Inquisition. Even more and more Muslims are becoming increasingly anti-Semitic, fuelled by the land dispute over the Israeli occupation in Palestinian territory. The recently elected Iranian hardline president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, virulently exclaimed that the state of Israel should be "wiped off the map" and he even appallingly called the Holocaust a "myth" which haven't even existed before. (In my eyes, his denial of the Holocaust only makes him a mere fool who is ignoring the history and the past that have sufficient proofs and facts to back its authenticity.)

I'm neither a Jew nor an Israeli, and I've never met a Jew in real life before. Weirdly, I feel the pain of the Holocaust survivors and I'm very sad about the tragedy (close to the extent of shedding tears!). I'm just hoping that the future would be brighter and greater for them and that the burgeoning phenomenon of anti-Semitism would come to a halt for the betterment of humanity. Peace to the world!

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