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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Guess what's this?

Ain't this gadget a babe? I guess there's no need for me to introduce it if you guys are trend-pursuers. For those who have no idea of what this stylish device is, well, it's the stunning 5th generation iPod (aka iPod Video) from Apple. Nono... It's not mine (How I wish it is!). It actually belongs to my cousin, who came to my house today to celebrate CNY.

The gadget is capable of playing music, photo slideshows and even videos (the latest functionality, hence its name iPod Video). It's extremely stylish and sleek, topped with an accentuated touch of class. This gadget is definitely a perfect fashion accessory, loved by young generations and style-conscious individuals. It's neither thick nor heavy, despite its gigantic 30GB integrated storage memory (there's also a 60GB variant).

The screen is bright, colourful and crisp. The photos and pictures displayed through the screen are sharp and vivid (I haven't had the chance to play the videos, as there still hasn't any video in store). The sound quality through the bundled earphones is very good. I also found an array of equalizer settings pre-installed in the gadget for different audio sensations.

It's such an exhilarating experience fondling with this sexy gem!

Season's Greetings

The day we all anticipate with bated breath for one whole year has finally arrived! It's time to beat the brass gong once again and celebrate this joyful traditional festival with your family and friends!

Happy Chinese New Year 2006 and 恭喜发财 to all the global Chinese community! May the Year of Dog brings all of you eternal health, wealth, auspices and prosperity!

P/S: Don't forget to count your angpows! :P

Saturday, January 28, 2006

CNY's Eve Family Reunion Dinner

I just came back from my Chinese New Year's Eve reunion dinner with my family and relatives at Alor Star's Old Tune Chinese restaurant. It was my first time to dine here, as the restaurant was newly opened just a few months back.

Both the restaurant's striking exterior and interior décor resembled the typical Chinese teahouses of Shanghai in the 30's. The strong ambience created by the sophisticated Chinese décor gave me a sense of serenity and tranquillity. It was definitely an oasis in the centre of bustling Alor Star.

Once I stepped inside, I was immediately blown away by its irresistible old-world charm. Although I knew that it was all artificial, yet it looked and felt so genuine and authentic. I felt like being transported back to the opulent and glamorous era of old Shanghai.

Let's now move to the dining table. The first dish took almost 30 minutes later than the scheduled time to serve. By the way, the dishes were exactly the same as those served in a typical Chinese wedding banquet, but with a slight personal touch. The names of the dishes were really interesting. They were named after auspicious terms and proverbs commonly used and heard during the Chinese New Year. You wouldn't know what it was by reading its name only. Therefore, me and my cousins had a guessing game on the dishes. Too bad none of us got any of them right, but we all knew that the last dish would definitely be a dessert (lessons from one million Chinese wedding banquets we had attended!).

Among the delicacies were the typical shark's fin soup, buns with curry prawns, fish in tom yum gravy, Chinese-style fried rice and more. The dishes were not bad at all, yet they were not that finger-lickin' good. All I can say is they were merely acceptable, no more no less. One thing I dislike is that the dishes took a very long time to reach our tables. Each dish took approximately half an hour to serve. Sigh. And you know what, the cost for this special Chinese New Year's Eve reunion dinner package was RM328 per table. We had reserved 2, and this means that the price-tag on tonight's family reunion dinner was a staggering RM656! *Faint*

Before going home, we had a chance to snap some pictures in and out of the uniquely designed restaurant. There was a beautiful stone wall where water cascaded down like a waterfall and also a fountain which sprinkled water into a pond full of elegant Japanese Kois. Everything here was so delicate and pleasing to the eyes.

All in all, it was certainly a night to remember.

Chinese lanternsChinese-themed cornerWater cascaded down a stone wall
Fountain and Japanese Koi pondRed Chinese lanternsOld Tune signboardOld Tune signboard

Friday, January 27, 2006

61st Anniversary of the Holocaust

61 years have elapsed silently, but the excruciating pain and scars from the so-called "Europe's worst genocide in modern history" still remain. Who could ever expunge the dreadful era when an estimated 6 million Jews were exterminated mercilessly by Adolf Hitler's villainous Nazi regime from his/her memory?

I used to wonder why Jews are being persecuted incessantly throughout recorded history, even till today. Let alone their actions that led to the execution of Christ, which had sparked countless rigorous religious wars and expulsions against them as a result of centuries-old hatred and resentment from the fellow Christians, most notably the notorious Spanish Inquisition. Even more and more Muslims are becoming increasingly anti-Semitic, fuelled by the land dispute over the Israeli occupation in Palestinian territory. The recently elected Iranian hardline president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, virulently exclaimed that the state of Israel should be "wiped off the map" and he even appallingly called the Holocaust a "myth" which haven't even existed before. (In my eyes, his denial of the Holocaust only makes him a mere fool who is ignoring the history and the past that have sufficient proofs and facts to back its authenticity.)

I'm neither a Jew nor an Israeli, and I've never met a Jew in real life before. Weirdly, I feel the pain of the Holocaust survivors and I'm very sad about the tragedy (close to the extent of shedding tears!). I'm just hoping that the future would be brighter and greater for them and that the burgeoning phenomenon of anti-Semitism would come to a halt for the betterment of humanity. Peace to the world!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

OMG! Can't believe I did that!

When I attended my Physics tuition class this morning, my friends asked me to go to school with them to decorate our classroom for this brand new year. They also planned to go shopping at Alor Star Mall later on and invited me to join them too. I was really lazy and reluctant to go but I'd decided to make confirmation with them after the lesson.

Due to my absence from the last lesson (I was in school for the house sports practice), I didn't know that the class ended half an hour earlier today at 12 p.m. sharp (my buddy had forgotten to tell me about it). Furthermore, I'd told my dad (who was going to fetch me from the tuition centre) that my class ended at the usual time, thus I decided to join them by riding in a friend's car.

I'll skip the part when we were in school as it wasn't the main point I wanna share with you guys here. The most exhilarating part was when we were all (there were 7 of us all together) congregating at the Alor Star Mall, preparing to... *ahem*... participate in the ice-cream-eating contest! Unbelievable huh. A few food-consumption contests were organized by the mall authorities today in conjuction with the 36-hour non-stop Chinese New Year sales promotion held here. However, we were only able to acquire 5 seats for the contest and surprisingly, I was one of them!

There were 20 participants in total and guess what... 3 quarters (15 out of 20) of the participants were kids below 12! This means that we were the only adults participating in this game! Oh gosh... This gotta be so embarrassing! But who cares... We were here for some fun! And honestly, I still couldn't believe I was doing this crazy stuff!

The whole contest was equally-divided into 4 sessions consisting of 5 participants each. As we were the last to register for the game, thus the 5 of us fell into the final session. When that moment had arrived, the 5 of us were competing against ourselves, vying for the mystery gifts given to the fastest eater of each session only. I got a box of vanilla-flavoured ice-cream and it looked so tempting. My friend got a box of supposedly durian-flavoured ice-cream which seemed to be smaller in quantity but had a higher melting rate. And BINGO! He won that contest. He had finished his partially-liquefied (ewww...) ice-cream in a flash while the rest of us had only taken our second or third scoops (ours were still freezing and haven't liquefied yet!). The winner got a... *ahem*... 2 small, cheap-looking food containers from DANONE (obviously the free gifts from the purchase of DANONE food products)! Muahaha... That was damn funny! But hey... The rest of us were not bad either. We got our consolation prize too --- the free ice-cream lunch (I couldn't finish the stuff and I'd to dump the remaining half into the dustbin!)!

Later on, another friend of mine who had also participated in the ice-cream-eating contest had decided to take the last remaining seat for the upcoming drinking contest. While waiting for the competition to begin, we headed for UNO Café to lunch. I'd ordered a bowl of red-hot Thai Tom Yam Bee Hun (I always relish hot and spicy dishes that will stimulate my taste bud). After savouring our lunch, we shopped around until the contest began. And BINGO once again... My friend had beaten 4 other kids (kinda embarrassing yet funny vying with 4 other kids at this kinda age!). But his prize was much more valuable --- a set of drinking glass!

I think this is the craziest thing I'd ever done in my entire life! But it's really fun engaging in this sort of activities with your best pals. The precious values of friendship and co-operation are realized and strengthened along the way.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Mission Accomplished: Cyborg name decoded!

Killing and Yelling Humanoid

I see many of you guys out there have already had your names and nicks decoded. Therefore I'm giving it a try and see what the results would be like.

Tada! As you can see with your own eyes, my cyborg name sounds like a maniac to me! But hey, it's kinda interesting too... :P

Thursday, January 19, 2006

MUET results...

Hey guys... I'm back (for obvious reasons :P)!!! So where and how should I start first? Hmm... As the topic has suggested, I'm going to talk about that particular thingy...

But first, I'm going to explain to those of you who have absolutely no idea of what the hell MUET is. Well... It stands for the Malaysian University English Test --- a test on the English proficiency of Malaysian students and is a basic requirement for the admission to the local universities. The grades are named bands. Band 1 is the worst while Band 6 is the best. Without acquiring the minimum grade required, students will be barred from all local university campuses FOREVER. Sigh... Reality is damn harsh...

Back to the story. Today was the announcement day of the MUET results. By the way, I just knew about this after being informed by some of my friends this morning. The results were not announced and dispatched to us until noon. Once I got back my MUET examination slip, a bunch of my busybody buddies congregated round me, requesting me to tear off the adhesive security strips quickly and to reveal the results to them promptly. However, I was damn reluctant to see the results in front of them. And with luck, I managed to get out from there and stand aside.

With swift jumping heart-beat and cold sweaty palms, I slowly flipped open the 2-layer results slip. Note that my hands were a lil bit shaky throughout the tearing and flipping processes. I was nervous and kinda chickened-off at that very moment, yet I was anticipated to see the results that were gonna unravel in front of my very eyes.

Voila! I've finally opened it. Now for the moment of truth. At this moment, my hands and legs were shaking terribly, as if I've been cursed under some sort of evil black magic. Let it be it. I couldn't resist any longer to see my results. After I glanced over the Band Achieved section and its corresponding response, I was in total shock. SHOCK, that is. I just couldn't believe my eyes. I thought it was just a sweet dream. It seemed so fake yet so real. It might be an optical illusion and thus I stared hard at it once again. And yep... I've made no wrongs. It stated 6 there. Band 6 I mean.

All of a sudden, my buddies cheered and shouted with joy. Oh my... What an unbelievable sight. Even till now, I still can't believe it. I haven't even thought of scoring a Band 6. Instead of aiming at an impossible 6, I was in fact hoping for a satisfactory 5 but I've earlier predicted my results to be a modest 4. I admit that I'm not confident and satisfied with my performance. Besides, I know very well that I've made a lot of blunders during the test.

All in all, I still consider myself a lucky guy and no more. I don't think I'm gonna be that fortunate again when the STPM results are announced next year. Whatever... I sincerely extend my greatest gratitude to those who have always had faith in me.

P/S: I also wanna congratulate the other 2 who have also scored a Band 6 (you know who you are) and those who have scored extremely well for this MUET. Cheers all!

Friday, January 13, 2006


Since my school had reopened, I've started to get dizzy again with my hectic life as a student. Therefore, I've decided to take a temporary break from this wonderful blogosphere. Yeah... I know it's kinda sad to make this announcement :(

Anyway, I promise I'll post some exciting news and stories if I ever have any. Please remember to check out for my warm Chinese New Year greetings a fortnight from now. I'm waiting with bated breath for the arrival of that once-in-a-year festival that is so symbolic and significant to the global Chinese community! In my mind now are those angpows (red money packets) filled with lots and lotsa cash! (I'm obviously a genuine true-blue $$$-olic, ain't I?)

OKOK... Enough crappy talks here. I think it's time for me and my dear blog to hibernate until the arrival of that joyous season. I'm signing off now. Adiós!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Back from school!

Well, that was one hour ago. There were actually a little changes in the school rules, and those changes were totally rubbish! Why did I say so?

Tell you guys... All the morning-session students are forbidden to go home until it's 1.50 p.m., which starts from today onwards. This means that the whole school session is one period (40 minutes) longer than usual. Worse off, the so-called 9th period is a free period for all Upper 6 students (I'm not sure about the lower forms though). The reason given was to better co-ordinate our time with those who are required to attend the 9th period. What more can I say now... This is definitely a waste of time! Heck... I'm here to reiterate that I'm not one of those top students who can always keep themselves occupied with books during free periods. I'm totally different from them. All I want is to go home as early as I'm allowed to.

Another rule is --- forbidden to 'sleep' or take a 'nap' even when the teacher is not around. Those who are caught in their attempts on breaking this ridiculous (yeah... I call it ridiculous as I'm one of those who sleep when the teacher is not teaching) rule will suffer deduction from their
accumulated merit-demerit points. I know that this rule makes absolutely no difference to those who have never overstepped the border in school before, agree?

Anyhow, I know that there is not much time left for me to worry and care about these nonsensical rules. This year is one of the most important stages in my life. Honestly, who would have so much time to think about those nonsense? It's not gonna be me for sure...

Sunday, January 01, 2006

How did I celebrate my New Year?

Attending a tuition class!!!

Sad but true. I've just attended my very first tuition class of this year. Schools nationwide will be reopened tomorrow, and I'm very sad to announce that my 2-month long holidays are finally coming to an end. I think it's time for me to bid farewell to my sweet holidays. I had better adapt myself to the distressing old school life again from now onwards. One thing I dislike the most about school days --- I need to wake up before the crack of dawn every single day (in this case, weekends are excluded, of course!)! That's a tremendous torture to me. I really hate it!

2006 is proven to be a very tough year for me. I have to sit for the future-determining examination, STPM. It's damn scary just to think of it! But according to everyone's favourite Feng Shui master practitioner Lillian Too, this year would be a marvellous year for Rabbits (that's me!).

Wait a minute... Feng Shui wouldn't work its magic if we don't put in our efforts right? Just dream on if you wanna score straight As without studying, even if the adorable Lillian Too said there would be a good year in store for you ahead.

Boys will always be boys. I'm extremely lazy in schoolworks but I get very energetic once it comes to play. Well, I understand that everything has an exception, and this theory applies to this case too. I know there are many guys out there who are diligent and conscientious in this matter. Sadly, I'm not one of them...

Anyway, I'm very certain that I would never ever let myself plunge into the dungeons of hell while others are tasting the bliss of heaven. No way I'm going to let that happen to me! I never will!

Happy New Year 2006!

Happy New Year everyone! A new year. A new threshold. A new aspiration. A new resolution. Hope you guys have a fruitful and mirthful year in 2006! May you guys have a smooth journey ahead! Cheers~

P/S: Initially, I was going to post this New Year greetings at 12.00 a.m. sharp. Too bad I was bathing at that very moment and I missed the time! Aww... The moment I came out from the bathroom, the first thing that struck my ears was the familiar sound of the fireworks display in the night sky!