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Monday, December 26, 2005

Xmas Celebration

I just went to my classmate's house for the Christmas party (by the way, he's a Roman Catholic) upon his sincere invitation. Me and my friends were enjoying ourselves in the BBQ, grilling lotsa chickens that were previously marinated in a tumeric gravy (if I'm not mistaken). I spread some margarine and honey on those marinated chickens to get them cooked faster besides enhancing their flavours. And guess what, my chickens turned out to be really delicious! Nice job huh. There were also sausages and sweet corns for us to grill but unfortunately I haven't had the chance to grill those. What a pity!

After bidding farewell to him, we headed for the Kedah Bowl Bowling Centre in City Plaza. We were the last to leave after the game (of course excluding the staff). I was having so much fun with this bunch of pals tonight (to be exact, it's supposed to be last night as the time has already passed 12 a.m.) and we were sharing stories and laughter as the time moved on.

I haven't had any Xmas celebrations before and that's why tonight (OK... I know it's last night!) is one of the most memorable and unique nights for me this year. Although it's just a few hours of hanging out with them but I'm very satisfied. Thanks guys for making my day! Merci beaucoup!

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day-dreamer said...

Hey... thanks for dropping by my blog.

Glad you had fun! Happy Boxing Day! LOL.