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Friday, December 23, 2005


Early this morning, I joined my dad and a cousin to visit our residential area in Taman Golf-Taman Lumba Kuda. The condition of that area has improved quite significantly, pretty much to our delight after we've lived in exile for 2 nights. Most of the main roads and alleys can be crossed by vehicles, and the waters have retreated to the sides. However, the alleys that are linked to our residence are still being flooded, although the water level has been much lower than days earlier, which I assumed it now to be measuring from 1/2 foot to almost 1 foot high, or maybe even more. The worst-affected areas are still those surrounding the big soccer field, and also the lanes that surround the PRIMA tuition centre. Those 'canals' are still inaccessible to vehicles, except those mighty Land Rovers and big trucks.

One good news for the residents here --- the electricity has been resumed! Besides, our residence has never been flooded, which is certainly the best news for us. My dad parked his car on a piece of dry land (again!) and walked back home barefooted on the murky waters. My cousin and I were reluctant to do so as it was too disgusting for us (knowing that those waters might contain excrements and microscopic skin-disease viruses). Thus, both of us were left there waiting for his return and I utilized this opportunity to walk around (avoiding those flooded areas by sticking to the dry patch of land) and snap some valuable flood scenes (again with my trusty webcam).

After a 30-minute (was it?) wait, my dad finally returned by hitchhiking on a motorcycle. In our car, he told us that a cat had died right in front of our door! He also told us that it was kinda bitten by other creatures (maybe some hungry stray dogs due to the lack of food during floods? or maybe rats... whatsoever!). It has started to rot (with flies flying about its carcass!), but fortunately the smell of rotten flesh hasn't filled the air yet. Otherwise, we would've taken years to disperse that unpleasant and nauseating odour and visitors would avoid our house for the years to come for sure!

And as usual, here are some pics that I've taken in my residential area that you guys might wanna see:

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