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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

On the move

Wow... My family have moved to my cousin's home temporarily, and here I am, in my cousin's room typing this post. Our home's electricity has been cut off by the authority a few hours ago and therefore we were forced to move out from our home until everything returns normal. After we've done our packings, we had to brave ourselves to walk along a stretch of alley which is flooded with knee-level water while carrying our luggage in order to reach our car which was parked at the end of the alley. Due to the high water level on that stretch of alley which might damage our Proton Gen-2's car engine, my dad had to park his car on a tiny piece of dry land there. (He was out this morning while the water level was still low.)

While we were walking on that 'waterway', I've managed to snap a handful of flood scenes with my mum's mobile phone. I had to be extra cautious with this as this mobile phone isn't water-resistant. If there's any mishap, the gadget would be gone forever. I felt like as if I were walking on the sea waters... Very cold indeed. It's a very fresh experience to me as I've never encountered any flood in real life before. Nevertheless, it's such a pathetic scene as many roads and alleys in my residential area were transformed into rivers and waterways in a flash.

I hope that this disaster would be over very soon so that I would be able to return to my home. I'm also praying that my house wouldn't get flooded or at least not as worse as those I've seen just now.

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jykhaw said...

Hopefully the water will retreat as soon as possible as I really dunwan my trip back to my BELOVED town will be a horrible one.