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Saturday, December 31, 2005

My top 10 favourite links of 2005

I've been to millions of web pages since the first day I came into contact with the Internet. However, there are dozens of fascinating websites which keep on drawing me back. Since today is the very last day of the year 2005, I'm going to narrow down my list and reveal my top 10 favourite links for this whole year.

- tiMes JoUrNaL --- My blog! *My sanctuary*
- Lowyat.NET Forum --- Malaysia's #1 community forum for information sharing on all sorts of topics. *My permanent abode in cyberspace*
- Wikipedia --- The world's foremost free online encyclopedia. *My most trusted buddy*
- Google --- The world's premier search engine. *My best online companion*
- Yahoo! --- A place where you would go shouting Yahoo! *My internet browser's homepage*
- --- Get connected with the world around us even when you're net-surfing. *My news thirst quencher*
- 百度MP3 --- 全球最大中文MP3搜索引擎。*我的中文音乐宝库*
- --- Latest news, reviews and updates about mobile phones. *My mobile phones wonderland*
- ImageShack® --- Host your favourite pictures and photos! *My online picture archives*
- Gmail --- The world's most sought-after email service provider. *My gigantic online mailbox*

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