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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Must watch!

I'd watched the final episode of the nerve-racking 30-episode Hong Kong's TVB Cantonese serial, War and Beauty 金枝欲孽 on Astro's Wah Lai Toi channel 华丽台 the night before yesterday. It depicts the vicious scenes among the imperial concubines of China's Qing Dynasty who sought every feasible method and even planned and masterminded meticulous conspiracies and assassinations just to win the emperor's affection. They were either friends or foes in the war for the emperor's love. This Cantonese serial is probably the most successful TVB serial in history. It receives widespread popularity among staunch TVB Cantonese serials fans and beyond. Approximately one-third of Hong Kongers (that's over 2 million!) were watching its final episode simultaneously when it was aired one year ago. Each episode is filled with unexpected thrills and surprises. I'm very impressed with the ingenious minds of the imperial concubines, who managed to think of brilliant yet extremely devious plots in order to trap their formidable adversaries. But anyway, I'm not too fond of the final episode's storyline. I don't like the way it ends. It seems to me as if it's suspended half-way in the air. It's not the ending that I want. How about the idea of shooting my very own version of ending? Hehe...

I've been telling my friends about this must-watch Cantonese serial all these times and one of them (the one who bought the Sony Ericsson W550i Walkman phone) had even gone to buy the pirated DVD version of this serial. (Shhh... Don't tell the cops that she bought a pirated item! Oh well... I'm also an occasional pirated-goods buyer! Hehe...) You know what, she managed to finish the whole 30-episode serial in just 2 days! Hmm... Actually, this is quite normal for frenzied serials fans and there's really nothing to shout about. Another friend of mine who had emigrated from here to Australia with his family last December told me that he will definitely rent this serial when he flies back here next January.

Wow... This TVB Cantonese serial has triggered off such an unforeseen serials phenomenon among the global Chinese community. It's undeniably a huge box-office success!

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