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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Memories of December 26th

After sending off the joyous Christmas Day, the world welcomes the arrival of the Boxing Day. Yesterday (December 26th), I went to Ipoh, Perak with my family and relatives in a big 5-seat-row Jati-sponsored MPV (yup... that's Jati rice) to attend a cousin's wedding banquet.

Speaking of December 26th, I'm sure none of us would ever forget the colossal tsunami that swept through a dozen of nations bordering the Indian Ocean one year ago, damaging and ravaging everything hindering its paths. The rarely-seen big-magnitude disaster had left more than 275,000 individuals dead and missing plus millions more homeless. It's a painful memory for those who have lost their homes and beloved ones in the calamity, especially when their beloved ones' corpses are still yet to be found in the vast ocean. It's a solemn and sombre 1st anniversary even for the fortunate ones, as the memories of that unpredicted event keep on haunting their daily lives.

Besides that particular day being the anniversary of the unprecedented event in this region, it's also the birthdays of both my eldest and youngest aunts (my dad's eldest and youngest sis). And now it's my cousin's wedding anniversary. Funny and weird huh.

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