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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Well, the water level has been rising rapidly since yesterday. My residence is currently being surrounded by water. All possible accesses to the urban centre are being blocked by water. Due to a relatively high land level around my residence, thus my residence has not yet been flooded, but I bet this would happen tonight. This situation truly makes me feel as if I were an islander.

I've also taken some pics a moment ago and maybe you could compare the water level of today with yesterday. Please bear in mind that the dry land is where my residence is located while the flooded areas are within 50-metre range from my residence.

Heck... Those scenes are reminiscent of the aftermaths of the tsunami disaster last December, right? It seems like something very bad would happen everytime Christmas is near. Could it be God's punishment on us due to our decadence and depravity in today's modern society? Maybe He has chosen Christmas Day to punish us as a lot of us have already forgotten and abandoned Christ's great teachings and His sacrifice for the whole of humanity 2 millenia ago. What do you think?


sophisticatedsoul said...

Well, I prefer to believe that these are all the consequences as a result of human activities. The climate changes are caused by us humans. Now that the natural disaster strikes and we feel the side effects of our indifference towards the environment, it'd be unfair to put all the blame on God, right? Just offering my 2 cents though.

Hope that the flood situation does not get too bad when it hits your house.

kyh said...

You've got me wrong... I wasn't blaming God for all these disasters. From a theological view, I was in fact blaming us global citizens for committing sins every single second. I was suggesting that God might become outraged with our depravity and thus decided to cast calamities on sinful places in order to teach us a great lesson for not abiding by His words.

By the way, the waters had already retreated for some days.