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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Finally... It's over!!!

I’ve waited this day for so long. I’ve just attended my last tuition class for the year 2005, and it’s now officially over! Finally!!!

Gosh… It’s December now, and I’ve wasted one month doing nothing at all! My November schedule was jam-packed with all sorts of tuition classes, from Physics to Additional Mathematics. I even had to attend 7 tuition classes a week. Just imagine that!

Time is moving swiftly. My 2-month long holiday would come to an end very soon. That’s damn awful! I dislike the idea of returning to my school next January. It really sucks… I just simply hate it! Next year would be a very busy and tough year for me. I have to sit for the most important examination in my 19 years of life (as of the year 2006) --- the STPM. This examination will determine my future --- whether or not I would be granted the admission into a university, be it local or foreign. I really need to gear up for it if I want to see the existence of my future. But the matter is I’m an extremely lazy person, yet I wouldn't want to get crappy results which would disappoint me and my whole family. I’m really running out of time. I would definitely not gonna make it if I were to fire my sluggish and rusty engine next year.

Let time determine it all. It gives me an excruciating headache just to think of it!

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