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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Emergency... Not now... But soon...

Oh boy... Several low-lying areas of the northern states on the Malay Peninsula, the southern Thai city of Haadyai and its surrounding areas have suffered from floods of various degrees these days. Small towns such as Jitra, Changloon and the state capital of Perlis have become stranded in a sea of surging mud waves. The waters rose as high as the rooftops in the worst-hit areas, and they were collectively transformed into the pathetic version of the Italian city of Venice overnight!

Even my hometown Alor Star, the state capital of Kedah has been hit by the flood as well, but the condition here is still far from critical compared to those areas I've mentioned above. Nevertheless, I've heard from my parents that the urban centre of this city is gradually becoming an isle stranded in the middle of an anonymous ocean. Besides, water supply in several parts of Alor Star has been cut off already, with my house currently facing low water pressure. Worse off, the murky waters are now preparing to invade my residence!

Take a look at these exclusive pics I've taken with my trusty webcam outside my house:

Oh gosh... The drain waters are rising up rapidly to the dangerous level and soon the banks would burst! Damn... My home-sweet-home would be invaded in a split second! What the hell... I gotta pray more so that my house wouldn't get flooded like those shown on the TVs and newspapers...

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