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Friday, December 23, 2005

An eerie night trip

I just came back from my second trip to my residential area. The night journey there was so exhilarating and extraordinary compared to the day trip. It was also quite an eerie experience for me, pretty much like roaming a deep jungle in the sheer moonlight.

I hopped on my uncle's (my cousin's dad) Land Rover (a fine way to conquer those flooded lanes which are currently off-limits to common vehicles) and began our night adventure. I was amazed to see the waters on several flooded alleys this morning have retreated by sunset. They were now nowhere to be seen. It all happened within a day! I've absolutely no idea how the > 1 foot high waters retreated in such a lightning speed.

Just then, we found out that those vanishing waters have all moved towards the site that included the big soccer field, causing that area to be inundated. The water level is still very high here, as opposed to other affected areas. As our vehicle moved along those heavily flooded lanes, the waters splashed all over its body mercilessly. And for safety reasons, the electricity of this area has been cut off, which plunged this area into complete darkness besides being shrouded in a peculiar eeriness, and the flooded lanes only illuminated with the weak lights emitted from the vehicle. As we went further ahead (we were now intruding into the severely affected Taman Malaysia which borders Taman Lumba Kuda), the waters appeared to be deeper than ever. It seemed like we were being gradually engulfed by the mighty waters. Plus, the water level we met here was almost 3 to 4 feet high! Oh my... It was damn terrifying but I enjoyed it very much (crazy me...)!

Well guys, I've actually taken some snapshots during that wonderful trip but unfortunately the pics appeared to be pitch-black and were totally non-viewable. Too bad that my trusty webcam has failed this task! Maybe I should bring along a powerful imaging device on my very next trip...

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