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Saturday, December 31, 2005

My top 10 favourite links of 2005

I've been to millions of web pages since the first day I came into contact with the Internet. However, there are dozens of fascinating websites which keep on drawing me back. Since today is the very last day of the year 2005, I'm going to narrow down my list and reveal my top 10 favourite links for this whole year.

- tiMes JoUrNaL --- My blog! *My sanctuary*
- Lowyat.NET Forum --- Malaysia's #1 community forum for information sharing on all sorts of topics. *My permanent abode in cyberspace*
- Wikipedia --- The world's foremost free online encyclopedia. *My most trusted buddy*
- Google --- The world's premier search engine. *My best online companion*
- Yahoo! --- A place where you would go shouting Yahoo! *My internet browser's homepage*
- --- Get connected with the world around us even when you're net-surfing. *My news thirst quencher*
- 百度MP3 --- 全球最大中文MP3搜索引擎。*我的中文音乐宝库*
- --- Latest news, reviews and updates about mobile phones. *My mobile phones wonderland*
- ImageShack® --- Host your favourite pictures and photos! *My online picture archives*
- Gmail --- The world's most sought-after email service provider. *My gigantic online mailbox*

Thursday, December 29, 2005

25 Most Interesting Webcams of 2005

I've just found a truly fascinating site, and I've decided to share it with you guys here. Imagine you're watching stunning streaming images that are brought to you live from places of interests around the world right in front of your PC! My most favourite webcam is the one featuring the Eiffel Tower, a grand and elegant 19th-century iron structure that is still standing amidst the romantic backdrop of the French capital and has already become one of the world's most recognizable icons.

Here's the link:
EarthCam --- 25 Most Interesting Webcams of 2005

It's recommended to view the webcams with broadband connections for smoother streaming and higher refresh rates. Enjoy it!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Memories of December 26th

After sending off the joyous Christmas Day, the world welcomes the arrival of the Boxing Day. Yesterday (December 26th), I went to Ipoh, Perak with my family and relatives in a big 5-seat-row Jati-sponsored MPV (yup... that's Jati rice) to attend a cousin's wedding banquet.

Speaking of December 26th, I'm sure none of us would ever forget the colossal tsunami that swept through a dozen of nations bordering the Indian Ocean one year ago, damaging and ravaging everything hindering its paths. The rarely-seen big-magnitude disaster had left more than 275,000 individuals dead and missing plus millions more homeless. It's a painful memory for those who have lost their homes and beloved ones in the calamity, especially when their beloved ones' corpses are still yet to be found in the vast ocean. It's a solemn and sombre 1st anniversary even for the fortunate ones, as the memories of that unpredicted event keep on haunting their daily lives.

Besides that particular day being the anniversary of the unprecedented event in this region, it's also the birthdays of both my eldest and youngest aunts (my dad's eldest and youngest sis). And now it's my cousin's wedding anniversary. Funny and weird huh.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Xmas Celebration

I just went to my classmate's house for the Christmas party (by the way, he's a Roman Catholic) upon his sincere invitation. Me and my friends were enjoying ourselves in the BBQ, grilling lotsa chickens that were previously marinated in a tumeric gravy (if I'm not mistaken). I spread some margarine and honey on those marinated chickens to get them cooked faster besides enhancing their flavours. And guess what, my chickens turned out to be really delicious! Nice job huh. There were also sausages and sweet corns for us to grill but unfortunately I haven't had the chance to grill those. What a pity!

After bidding farewell to him, we headed for the Kedah Bowl Bowling Centre in City Plaza. We were the last to leave after the game (of course excluding the staff). I was having so much fun with this bunch of pals tonight (to be exact, it's supposed to be last night as the time has already passed 12 a.m.) and we were sharing stories and laughter as the time moved on.

I haven't had any Xmas celebrations before and that's why tonight (OK... I know it's last night!) is one of the most memorable and unique nights for me this year. Although it's just a few hours of hanging out with them but I'm very satisfied. Thanks guys for making my day! Merci beaucoup!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Xmas!

We wish you a Merry Christmas,
We wish you a Merry Christmas,
We wish you a Merry Christmas,
And a Happy New Year...

I hereby wish all of you a Merry Xmas! Let's spread the joys and happiness of this great festival to all four corners of the world!

Warmest regards,
kyh '05

Friday, December 23, 2005

An eerie night trip

I just came back from my second trip to my residential area. The night journey there was so exhilarating and extraordinary compared to the day trip. It was also quite an eerie experience for me, pretty much like roaming a deep jungle in the sheer moonlight.

I hopped on my uncle's (my cousin's dad) Land Rover (a fine way to conquer those flooded lanes which are currently off-limits to common vehicles) and began our night adventure. I was amazed to see the waters on several flooded alleys this morning have retreated by sunset. They were now nowhere to be seen. It all happened within a day! I've absolutely no idea how the > 1 foot high waters retreated in such a lightning speed.

Just then, we found out that those vanishing waters have all moved towards the site that included the big soccer field, causing that area to be inundated. The water level is still very high here, as opposed to other affected areas. As our vehicle moved along those heavily flooded lanes, the waters splashed all over its body mercilessly. And for safety reasons, the electricity of this area has been cut off, which plunged this area into complete darkness besides being shrouded in a peculiar eeriness, and the flooded lanes only illuminated with the weak lights emitted from the vehicle. As we went further ahead (we were now intruding into the severely affected Taman Malaysia which borders Taman Lumba Kuda), the waters appeared to be deeper than ever. It seemed like we were being gradually engulfed by the mighty waters. Plus, the water level we met here was almost 3 to 4 feet high! Oh my... It was damn terrifying but I enjoyed it very much (crazy me...)!

Well guys, I've actually taken some snapshots during that wonderful trip but unfortunately the pics appeared to be pitch-black and were totally non-viewable. Too bad that my trusty webcam has failed this task! Maybe I should bring along a powerful imaging device on my very next trip...


Early this morning, I joined my dad and a cousin to visit our residential area in Taman Golf-Taman Lumba Kuda. The condition of that area has improved quite significantly, pretty much to our delight after we've lived in exile for 2 nights. Most of the main roads and alleys can be crossed by vehicles, and the waters have retreated to the sides. However, the alleys that are linked to our residence are still being flooded, although the water level has been much lower than days earlier, which I assumed it now to be measuring from 1/2 foot to almost 1 foot high, or maybe even more. The worst-affected areas are still those surrounding the big soccer field, and also the lanes that surround the PRIMA tuition centre. Those 'canals' are still inaccessible to vehicles, except those mighty Land Rovers and big trucks.

One good news for the residents here --- the electricity has been resumed! Besides, our residence has never been flooded, which is certainly the best news for us. My dad parked his car on a piece of dry land (again!) and walked back home barefooted on the murky waters. My cousin and I were reluctant to do so as it was too disgusting for us (knowing that those waters might contain excrements and microscopic skin-disease viruses). Thus, both of us were left there waiting for his return and I utilized this opportunity to walk around (avoiding those flooded areas by sticking to the dry patch of land) and snap some valuable flood scenes (again with my trusty webcam).

After a 30-minute (was it?) wait, my dad finally returned by hitchhiking on a motorcycle. In our car, he told us that a cat had died right in front of our door! He also told us that it was kinda bitten by other creatures (maybe some hungry stray dogs due to the lack of food during floods? or maybe rats... whatsoever!). It has started to rot (with flies flying about its carcass!), but fortunately the smell of rotten flesh hasn't filled the air yet. Otherwise, we would've taken years to disperse that unpleasant and nauseating odour and visitors would avoid our house for the years to come for sure!

And as usual, here are some pics that I've taken in my residential area that you guys might wanna see:

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

On the move

Wow... My family have moved to my cousin's home temporarily, and here I am, in my cousin's room typing this post. Our home's electricity has been cut off by the authority a few hours ago and therefore we were forced to move out from our home until everything returns normal. After we've done our packings, we had to brave ourselves to walk along a stretch of alley which is flooded with knee-level water while carrying our luggage in order to reach our car which was parked at the end of the alley. Due to the high water level on that stretch of alley which might damage our Proton Gen-2's car engine, my dad had to park his car on a tiny piece of dry land there. (He was out this morning while the water level was still low.)

While we were walking on that 'waterway', I've managed to snap a handful of flood scenes with my mum's mobile phone. I had to be extra cautious with this as this mobile phone isn't water-resistant. If there's any mishap, the gadget would be gone forever. I felt like as if I were walking on the sea waters... Very cold indeed. It's a very fresh experience to me as I've never encountered any flood in real life before. Nevertheless, it's such a pathetic scene as many roads and alleys in my residential area were transformed into rivers and waterways in a flash.

I hope that this disaster would be over very soon so that I would be able to return to my home. I'm also praying that my house wouldn't get flooded or at least not as worse as those I've seen just now.


Well, the water level has been rising rapidly since yesterday. My residence is currently being surrounded by water. All possible accesses to the urban centre are being blocked by water. Due to a relatively high land level around my residence, thus my residence has not yet been flooded, but I bet this would happen tonight. This situation truly makes me feel as if I were an islander.

I've also taken some pics a moment ago and maybe you could compare the water level of today with yesterday. Please bear in mind that the dry land is where my residence is located while the flooded areas are within 50-metre range from my residence.

Heck... Those scenes are reminiscent of the aftermaths of the tsunami disaster last December, right? It seems like something very bad would happen everytime Christmas is near. Could it be God's punishment on us due to our decadence and depravity in today's modern society? Maybe He has chosen Christmas Day to punish us as a lot of us have already forgotten and abandoned Christ's great teachings and His sacrifice for the whole of humanity 2 millenia ago. What do you think?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Emergency... Not now... But soon...

Oh boy... Several low-lying areas of the northern states on the Malay Peninsula, the southern Thai city of Haadyai and its surrounding areas have suffered from floods of various degrees these days. Small towns such as Jitra, Changloon and the state capital of Perlis have become stranded in a sea of surging mud waves. The waters rose as high as the rooftops in the worst-hit areas, and they were collectively transformed into the pathetic version of the Italian city of Venice overnight!

Even my hometown Alor Star, the state capital of Kedah has been hit by the flood as well, but the condition here is still far from critical compared to those areas I've mentioned above. Nevertheless, I've heard from my parents that the urban centre of this city is gradually becoming an isle stranded in the middle of an anonymous ocean. Besides, water supply in several parts of Alor Star has been cut off already, with my house currently facing low water pressure. Worse off, the murky waters are now preparing to invade my residence!

Take a look at these exclusive pics I've taken with my trusty webcam outside my house:

Oh gosh... The drain waters are rising up rapidly to the dangerous level and soon the banks would burst! Damn... My home-sweet-home would be invaded in a split second! What the hell... I gotta pray more so that my house wouldn't get flooded like those shown on the TVs and newspapers...

Friday, December 16, 2005

The Da Vinci Code: The Movie Trailer

I've already watched the movie trailer of the upcoming Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsman film, The Da Vinci Code. It's absolutely overwhelming... Simply stunning and spectacular!

Click on the link below to visit:
The Da Vinci Code Official Movie Site

Direct download links of the movie trailer: (Right Click > Save Target As...)
Small (5.79 MB)
Medium (12.92 MB)
Large (20.21 MB)

High Definition (ONLY recommended for PCs with kick-ass performances and equipped with broadband connections):
480p (30.43 MB)
720p (92.12 MB)
1080p (158.10 MB)

P/S: QuickTime Player version 7 is required to play the movie trailer.

Click on the link below to download:
QuickTime 7

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Da Vinci Code: The Movie

The Da Vinci Code

Finally... The highly anticipated movie adapted from the controversial no. 1 New York Times best-selling novel by Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code will be launching its world première next May!

Much to my delight and surprise, the movie which stars the Academy Awards winning actor Tom Hanks as the main character Robert Langdon will also première in Malaysian cinemas on May 18th 2006! However, I'm still sceptical of this. It's no wonder that I treat the Malaysian film-première with scepticism mainly due to the limitation of the 2004's highly controversial movie of Mel Gibson, The Passion of the Christ to Malaysian Christian audiences only and was only made available in a few selected Malaysian cinemas. Before the intervention of the current Malaysian Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi during the World Council of Churches (WCC) Faith and Order plenary commission meeting held in the Malaysian capital in 2004 upon the inquiries of reporters regarding the movie, Gibson's film was completely banned in predominantly Muslim Malaysia. Since The Da Vinci Code is also a movie depicting the history of Christianity, or more precisely the history of Roman Catholicism, which is the largest denomination of Christianity, my only concern is that it might fall under the same fate as well.

But on the other hand, The Da Vinci Code can be described as an anti-Christian film, since it openly challenges the universally accepted dogma of Christianity for the past 2000 years and debates about its legitimacy, by claiming that Jesus Christ is neither God nor the Son of God, and that He was actually married to Mary Magdalene, a devoted disciple of Him, who was even pregnant with His child. In contrast to traditional Christian beliefs, Muslims reject the fact that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, but they regard Him as a revered prophet (Nabi Isa al-Masih) of the Islamic faith. This argument resembles what The Da Vinci Code has claimed. Since this view coincides with the Islamic teachings, the movie might be able to pass the stringent measures taken by the authorities of the Malaysian Film Censorship Board.

Citing the factors given above, I could only conclude that chances for this movie to make its début here is 50:50. Nevertheless, I bet it's going to be 2006's hottest film. I'm hoping that this movie would be able to reach the Malaysian silver screen as slated.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Destiny's Child --- #1's

I just came back from Penang along with my cousins and we've been to the resort island's foremost shopping mall, Gurney Plaza. This is my 2nd patronage there for this month. Due to the Christmas season, the whole plaza is embellished with beautiful Christmas ornaments, including a huge Christmas tree crowned with a star at the main entrance of the shopping mall.

I'm very pleased to announce that I've finally bought my copy of Destiny's Child's latest album, #1's! What makes this album such a precious collector's item for all Destiny's Child's fans is because this is the final album of this world's most famous trio besides being a marvellous compendium of their no. 1 hit singles. As a Destiny's Child's steadfast fan for all these years, I'm damn sad to learn that they had decided to split and to pursue individual careers in the music industry.

Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle --- All the best on your journey to stardom!


Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
Hey guys, it's already in cinemas! The dazzling work of the Anglo-Irish author C. S. Lewis has eventually made its way to the silver screen! I'm thinking of watching one with my friends. It looks damn interesting in the movie trailer with its impressive graphics and magical storyline. It's undoubtedly the most anticipated film this upcoming Christmas! So what are you guys still waiting for?

Saturday, December 10, 2005


I've read from the newspaper that there will be an Armageddon by the year 2036 --- our planet will be visited by a large destructive asteroid named Apophis, with a diameter of 390 metres. Due to its close passage by the planet Earth on April 13 2029, it's predicted that the asteroid Apophis will collide with our planet in the year 2036. The might of the collision is said to be 100,000 times greater than the atomic bomb explosion in the Japanese city of Hiroshima during the World War II. That amount of energy is enough to destroy a large part of our world for certain! I bet all of the world's most violent natural catastrophes would be awakened simultaneously, and subsequently plunge our world into complete darkness besides marking the threshold of a new Ice Age --- a very conspicuous omen of doomsday.

"Oh pious people of the 21st century! Pray to Lord with all your heart! Do good deeds out of your sincerity! Love your neighbours and all your enemies!"

"Oh all the children of God's Kingdom! The Judgement Day is finally arriving!"

Hmm... So what do you think of my version of the Gospel? Oh well... No offence to those Christians out there though...

Monday, December 05, 2005

Poor thing...

You know what, I've stepped on a mini-sized lizard without knowing it! I only knew about this after being condemned by my dad. And yes, it's officially dead. Oh my... I feel so bad right now. I've never killed any creature larger than a mosquito before. What a poor thing... This tiny lizard had been crawling around my house for some time. It was like an inhabitant here. I really feel guilty for causing its death. It wouldn't have died if I've watched my steps earlier! It's too late for me to regret now...

Dear lizard,

I sincerely hope that you could condone me for what I've done to you. If you've got the chance to reincarnate, do choose to become a human being, since a man's life is worth a billion times more than a tiny lizard's.

R.I.P. my buddy...

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Finally... It's over!!!

I’ve waited this day for so long. I’ve just attended my last tuition class for the year 2005, and it’s now officially over! Finally!!!

Gosh… It’s December now, and I’ve wasted one month doing nothing at all! My November schedule was jam-packed with all sorts of tuition classes, from Physics to Additional Mathematics. I even had to attend 7 tuition classes a week. Just imagine that!

Time is moving swiftly. My 2-month long holiday would come to an end very soon. That’s damn awful! I dislike the idea of returning to my school next January. It really sucks… I just simply hate it! Next year would be a very busy and tough year for me. I have to sit for the most important examination in my 19 years of life (as of the year 2006) --- the STPM. This examination will determine my future --- whether or not I would be granted the admission into a university, be it local or foreign. I really need to gear up for it if I want to see the existence of my future. But the matter is I’m an extremely lazy person, yet I wouldn't want to get crappy results which would disappoint me and my whole family. I’m really running out of time. I would definitely not gonna make it if I were to fire my sluggish and rusty engine next year.

Let time determine it all. It gives me an excruciating headache just to think of it!

Must watch!

I'd watched the final episode of the nerve-racking 30-episode Hong Kong's TVB Cantonese serial, War and Beauty 金枝欲孽 on Astro's Wah Lai Toi channel 华丽台 the night before yesterday. It depicts the vicious scenes among the imperial concubines of China's Qing Dynasty who sought every feasible method and even planned and masterminded meticulous conspiracies and assassinations just to win the emperor's affection. They were either friends or foes in the war for the emperor's love. This Cantonese serial is probably the most successful TVB serial in history. It receives widespread popularity among staunch TVB Cantonese serials fans and beyond. Approximately one-third of Hong Kongers (that's over 2 million!) were watching its final episode simultaneously when it was aired one year ago. Each episode is filled with unexpected thrills and surprises. I'm very impressed with the ingenious minds of the imperial concubines, who managed to think of brilliant yet extremely devious plots in order to trap their formidable adversaries. But anyway, I'm not too fond of the final episode's storyline. I don't like the way it ends. It seems to me as if it's suspended half-way in the air. It's not the ending that I want. How about the idea of shooting my very own version of ending? Hehe...

I've been telling my friends about this must-watch Cantonese serial all these times and one of them (the one who bought the Sony Ericsson W550i Walkman phone) had even gone to buy the pirated DVD version of this serial. (Shhh... Don't tell the cops that she bought a pirated item! Oh well... I'm also an occasional pirated-goods buyer! Hehe...) You know what, she managed to finish the whole 30-episode serial in just 2 days! Hmm... Actually, this is quite normal for frenzied serials fans and there's really nothing to shout about. Another friend of mine who had emigrated from here to Australia with his family last December told me that he will definitely rent this serial when he flies back here next January.

Wow... This TVB Cantonese serial has triggered off such an unforeseen serials phenomenon among the global Chinese community. It's undeniably a huge box-office success!