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Thursday, November 24, 2005

The world's 'ugliest' dog dies

'Ugly dog' Sam dies at 14

Oh Holy Mother! I haven't seen such an ugly pet dog in my life before! Well honestly, I'd seen it months ago on the web and I was so damn shocked to have seen its picture! Its first impression on me was that it looked exactly like a monster. Don't you think so? I wonder how its owner can fall so deeply in love with its appalling looks. Its vicious looks simply freak me out! Alright... It's already passed away and I'm not here to be that cold-hearted to it. I've never expected it to leave this world so abruptly. Maybe it's undoubtedly the world's ugliest dog, but it did absolutely no harm to our world, right? In this case, I still think that Homo sapiens is the worst calamity on Earth! This dog still deserves the respect and equal treatment from all of us, because it had zero alternative but to accept what the Creator had granted it. Now think again: It wouldn't have become the headlines of the tabloids if it wasn't owing to its extraordinary looks!

Here's my final blessing for Sam: R.I.P.

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