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Sunday, November 27, 2005

An unforgettable 15-minute contact

OK... It's not a big deal actually. As I'd told you all earlier, I've just played with my friend's newly purchased Sony Ericsson W550i Walkman phone for a mere 15 minutes, but it was a truly enjoyable and unforgettable moment. The 262,144-colour TFT display looks promising indeed, although I still think that it's not as crisp and vivid as most Samsung's 262,144-colour mobile displays I'd seen. I love the array of colourful and lively animated themes it has to offer. The games run smoothly on the mobile display and the phone even vibrates along with the action. Very cool! Besides, the exceptional horizontal gaming mode really turns me on. The Walkman menu for playing audio files is worth mentioning too. You can create multiple music playlists according to your own preference and arrange your MP3s in your own unique style. After you've done all that, just hit the Walkman music button and you're in heaven in an instant! Honestly, I haven't had the chance to play any songs using the Walkman phone due to certain constraints in a tuition class. I bet you wouldn't want to get all those unwanted attention from the whole class, right? Therefore, I could only browse through the exciting features in silent mode. Never mind, I get to meet her again on Tuesday in the same rendezvous, and I will certainly appreciate every moment I'm going to spend with this cool mobile. All in all, this stunning music-orientated mobile wins my applause and affection for being such a marvellous entertainer!

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ernesto esteves said...

As you wish, I'm here to see your blog. It's cool ;)