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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tutor 4 a night

The story goes like this...

It was late evening. My cousin gave me a call and begged me to teach her Mathematics as she'll have to sit for the SPM examinations on the very next day. I was like, gosh, my Additional Mathematics sucks for a big time, and now she was going to ask me to be her tutor? Then she said it was just Modern Mathematics, not the evil Additional Mathematics. I felt relieved after hearing that. I went over her house and stayed for a night there. Oh well, it should be a night HERE, because I'm still right here in her house, typing this post! It's nearly 2 in the morning, and I've done my job by fulfilling her request. I'm thinking, shouldn't she have done all her preparation before the examination, and not by doing last-minute revision? Oh boy, I'm also that last-minute type of person... Why did the hell I'm criticizing her? I still remember that I was flipping through all those boring chapters the night before the exams 1 year ago. It lasted for almost a month. Those nights were damn horrible, much worse than being tortured in hell! It was really my worst nightmare. Well, it did serve me right. I should've prepared for my examination earlier. But the matter is... I can't. I just can't escape from that 'last-minute' habit. I don't have the determination to do all those things if tomorrow isn't the examination day. It seems like I'm destined to be like that --- a worm!

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ribbiticus said...

hey, don't worry. a lot more people than you think are the same. nice blog you've got here. :)